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Dunno that much, tho,

George Washington biggest warnings in his farewell address, from what we recall, was forming political parties, going into debt, and too much involvement in other countries.

were failing miserably at all of them right now >.<

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The USA has seen very few years of peace since it was founded:


And nobody ever wins a war, it just intiates another cycle of drama. >.<


Its hard to find a solid statistic, but it seems there is around 100,000,000 people using crypto thru out the globe.

Which means there is over 7 billion people that are not using crypto yet, even tho about 5 billion people these days have access to the internet. ( internetworldstats.com/stats.h )

So if and/or when these billions of other people start using crytpo, the value it can potentially still soar waay above $50,000 per coin


thinking it varies, but even when you need an account there are ways around it.


Whats the issue with crypto?

Understand that its volatile, but that can be a good thing too.

it seems a lot more harmless than a fiat currency that has to be sustained using militarized force.

crypto may not be something to dump 100% of your savings into, but its cool we have this in addition to other various forms of trade.

you can click "safe browser + vpn" options for situations like this (should have created this on the pleroma account to add more options to the poll lol)

Curious, when people post links from big tech sites such as twitter, google/youtube, amazon or facebook/instagram, and they contain interesting content, how do you usually go about viewing it?

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Boycotting big businesses is not nearly as effective as supporting small and local ones.

Also look at thrift shops, craigslist etc.

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Whats ironic about the CIA using it in Project MK Ultra is they thought LSD was the secret ingredient for mind control.

After decades of researching, they closed the project cuz it turns out it, it did the opposite-- it freed peoples minds, making them more difficult to control (it assisted in the hippie revolution)


dunno where you at, but in our city we got recycled tech stores that also do computer repairs,

You can usually find really cheap parts/devices at these places as well.

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Since it's been about a year, new OS poll time~
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Can you give me an example of any time in the history of humanity when the people doing the #Censorship were on the good side?


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