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The independent theorist will research many sources, and see how they are all different, and provide to you only sources that back up their opinion.

The independent researcher will research many sources, and find out what they all have in common, and provide to you those staments, and let you form your own opinion.

uspol, strong language 

"unprecedented" word of 2020

a softly spoken word used to sugar coat the f**ked up bull s**t that happens in the US goverment, and make it appear acceptable by the general population.

Lol, fr tho, support local as much as you possibly can.

In 180 days the US gov't will reveal that ________________.

After posting about Fahrenheit 451 the other day, got notified thier was in fact, a new movie released in 2018.

ended up watching it, even tho it diverted from the original script, they did a fantastic job illustrating the message behind the story.

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This is the dance they’ll make on our graves

Remember reading "Farienhieght 451 by Ray Bradbury" in HS, and watching the movie thinking it was pretty lame and unrealistic.

years later, thought it would actually be cool to remake the movie with modern filming tech.

Now revisiting the idea, we are literally living in a conceptually identical reality to the story. O.o

Read it til ya believe it! 

"No weapon formed against me shall prosper!"

Love feels amazing.

The lack of love is what's painful.

you don't own anything and you never have.

but you do borrow everything and always will be.

What would "competitive-collaboration" be like?

any theories on what would happen if the whole world started laughing at the same time?? xD xD xD

The mainstream media ________________.

Wish we could say that things will calm down in 2021, however forecast would suggest that the excitement has only just begun.

Worry not,
the dramatic shift in everything crumbling apart also aligns with a direct shift in elevated frequencies, or consciousness.

Expect our levels of awareness to skyrocket this year, pay attention, and practice self care above all else to "cash in" on this accelerated shift of energy! ^^

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Happy everyone! Today is the official new year in the cosmic sense.

Legend states, the intentions you creeate today will influence the rest of this year.

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