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Would only be possible if most everyone unsecured the borders and completely defund the military, remove all laws and taxes, as well as give people freedom of choice, health, travel, speech, possesion, and identity, etc.

And we'd have to stop treating each other like diseases.

If you need to silence people to raise your opinions, than your ideas are worthless.

Some will mimic what they are afraid of.

Others will create what they believe in.


How do you feel about this extremely untraditional inauguration?

25,000 troops in DC is _________.

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heavyweight politics 

Do we have confirmed data of an isolated coronavirus sample that can be made for public review yet?

Or confirmed data of asymptomatic spread?

mediumweight politics 

Anyone else notice toltarian action being taken on toltarian action?

And both ends think they are heros because of it.

lightweight politics 

It's annoying when people ask "do you support (r) or (d)?"

That's like asking if you wanna drive 80mph/130kph or 10mph/16kph everywhere you wanna go.

It's better to have a transmission.

On a real note tho, censoring is more toxic than the hate speech itself.

Conflicts are healthy.

Unresolved conflicts cause all kinds of problems.


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To trust , means to provide testable explanations.

If someone calls something "science" without testable explanations, how are we suppose to trust it?

which end-to-end encryption communication platform are you using? (You can select more than one)

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I don’t have to change myself to love myself, but I sure as hell have to know myself.

#FeelsLog #HealthLog

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is not a service provided by any goverment or organization;

But a state of being, anyone at anytime can achieve. ^^

Asymptomatic spread has been debunked. Why is the media silent about this?

In brief, 10,000,000 people in Wuhan, China were tested for asyptomatic spread of corona months ago, and believe it or not, not one single case was reported!

Source: American Institute of Economic Research

Stimulus/unemployment math 

In the US, those living on unemployment have made about $40-$50 a day. For some thats 1/2 of what they were making before with no change in rent collection.

If you werent able to get unemployment, and werent able to find work, and only recieved a stimulus ($1,200) that means youve lived off of about $4-$6 a day this year.

~10 months = ~300 days
Unemp.: ~$15,000 (ytd, maxium benefits)/~300=~$50
Stimul.: ~$1,200/~300=~$4

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