Here’s a really good summary of the improbable characteristics of Oumuamua. Not sayin’ it’s aliens, but… Heh. Either which way, it’s got some interesting science behind it.

An attitude that I run into often in : "If you don't like my opinion, you can just leave/shouldn't have *insert whatever*..."

So yeah, keep it up with your lack of , , and . Take pride in your , if you really must. Just know that you’re not part of the drive forward, in our brief struggle on this planet.

I don't use social media much, but I hear people share images as memes or something, so here goes… (note: tried and failed to determine conclusively the origin of this pic)

Kind of wishing I'd been born a fungus, today. At least I'd be able to get nutrition from the shit that I'm stuck in.

#askmastodon #gardening

does anyone here have experience with _vertical_ methods for growing plants? I've seen a couple of examples at a local flower and garden show (some years ago) and they looked somewhat appealing as a method for getting more plants into a limited space.

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@uranther Yup. Just like "Alphabet"

We're not wired for long-duration memory since (until fairly recently) most of our threat model consisted of things that can actually eat us

We're evolutionary ill-equipped to deal with technological predators

The scoop on something that I’ve been sitting on for awhile: I’ve been cut off by my family, and I’m struggling to find a way to attain stability, as a single parent with Issues™. I’m trying to put together a GoFundMe project, in order to raise the necessary funding to start an environmentally friendly yard service here.

Any suggestions welcome.

Chloe Sagal went to a park, in Portland OR, where I used to live, read a manifesto about homelessness and mental health, and set herself on fire. There is nothing graphic in the post, it is a coherent breakdown of what happened, and the circumstances leading up to this tragedy. We can all learn a bit from this.

I'm trying to put together an introductory class for a group that is starting up in , ND. I was wondering if any of y'all and literate folk might have any particular interactive bash that you would recommend? I'm seeing many on the google; personal recommendation by anybody with the know will help me sort things out quite a bit. ;)

Thanks in advance!

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