Papers We Love Conf 2018 kicks off on September 26th in St. Louis as part of - Hope to see you there!

Combining physical and visual simulation---creation of the planet Jupiter for the film “2010” - Yaeger, et al

Combining physical and visual simulation---creation of the planet Jupiter for the film “2010” - Yaeger, et al

Papers We Love Conf 2018 kicks off in just a few weeks in St. Louis - hope to see you there!

We're super excited to have Casey Canfield present The Future of the Grid: Policy, Technology, and Market Changes at 2018!

Putting in All the Stops: Execution Control for JavaScript - Baxter, et al.

This paper presents Stopify a source-to-source compiler that extends with debugging abstractions and blocking operations

Ryū: Fast Float-to-String Conversion - Adams

We present Ryū, a new routine to convert binary floating point numbers to their decimal representations using only fixed-size integer operations, and prove its correctness.

Spatial: A Language and Compiler for Application Accelerators - Koeplinger, et al.

We describe a new domain-specific language and compiler called Spatial for higher level descriptions of application accelerators.

QCon 2018: Matt Adereth on The Mode Tree - A Tool for Visualization of Nonparametric Density Features


QCon 2018: Golestan "Sally" Radwan (@smarthelix) on What Does Explainable AI Really Mean?


If you are interested in #Prolog or want to learn a logic #programming language, SWI-Prolog started a course 2 weeks ago. It was shared mostly on :birdsite: and it would be unfortunate if people missed it just because of that. Late enrollment will be closing on June 22. Link:

SmoothLife - Generalization of Conway's "Game of Life" to a continuous domain - Rafler


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