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If you are interested in #Prolog or want to learn a logic #programming language, SWI-Prolog started a course 2 weeks ago. It was shared mostly on :birdsite: and it would be unfortunate if people missed it just because of that. Late enrollment will be closing on June 22. Link:

SmoothLife - Generalization of Conway's "Game of Life" to a continuous domain - Rafler


Faster: A Concurrent Key-Value Store with In-Place Updates - Chandramouli, et al

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Reactors: A Case for Predictable, Virtualized Actor Database Systems - Shah, et al

Papers We Love Conf 2018 is happening again this year in St. Louis with Strangeloop! We're a non-profit organization and rely on sponsorships to fund the conference. If you or your company are interested in sponsoring check out our prospectus

No compromises: distributed transactions with consistency, availability, and performance - Dragojevic, et al.

We show that adistributed platform called FaRM can provide dist. transactions with serializability, high perf, durability, and high availability.

VIDEO: Bonnie Eisenman (@brindelle) on Multiphase Numerical Modeling... for Jigsaw Puzzle Generation -

This paper explores expansions on the stylistic variety of handmade and artisanal jigsaw puzzles through techniques from natural simulation.

If you're not familiar with Papers We Love Conf, check out the speakers and videos from our past years:


SCHEME: An Interpreter for Extended Lambda Calculus - Sussman, Steele

Design of LISP-Based Processors or, SCHEME: A Dialectric LISP or, Finite Memories Considered Harmful or, LAMBDA: The Ultimate Opcode - Steele, Sussman

The Art of the Interpreter or, The Modularity Complex (Parts Zero, One and Two) - Steele, Sussman

Debunking the "Expensive Procedure Call" Myth or, Procedure Call Implementations Considered Harmful or, LAMBDA: The Ultimate Goto - Steele,

Papers We Love Conf will be back in St. Louis this year as part of the Pre-Conference Activities!

Anna: A KVS For Any Scale - Wu, Faleiro, Lin, Hellerstein

Our design rests on a simple architecture of coordination-free actors that perform state update via merge of lattice-based composite data structures.