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Papers We Love

Camilo Aguilar on the rsync algorithm

These days, mobile phones are packed with multi core CPUs and even GPUs. Despite these advances in hardware, internet connections in most parts of the world are still surprisingly slow and unreliable. This creates a challenge: how can files be efficiently transferred between computers over a low-bandwidth, high latency network connection?

VIDEO: Decoding the Sensuality in Music - Elaine Chew

VIDEO: Knittable Seashells - Fabienne Serrière

VIDEO: Delimited Continuations for Everyone - Kenichi Asai

VIDEO: Programming data for display, the PDF Story - Chas Emerick

VIDEO: What happened to distributed programming languages? - Heather Miller

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The PWLConf 2017 Videos are now available!

Last meetup video is up! Simon Peyton Jones on shortest path algos

A Prettier Printer by Philp Wadler -

The Design of a Pretty-printing Library - John Hughes


An Extended Comparative Study of Language Support for Generic Programming - Garcia, et al


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The Tail at Scale - Dean, et al.


Generalizing generalized tries - Hinze


A Generalization of the Trie Data Structure - Connelly


Children's Mental Models of Recursive Logo Programs* - Kurland, et al


What is the Use of Operating Systems? - P. L. Cloot