New adventure game on Steam, with day 1 Linux support!

"Explore the mysterious caverns and solve the puzzles of the ancient machines that fill them."

Here is the deal about

Some of you are writing some depressive shit (and bullshit tbh), so I decided to unsub from the overall RSS, and just read some of you, who I like.

I hope it's OK, and you have good and fun day! :)

What is the most simple static site generator that you've used?

I have the itch to try out something new, other than the well known Hugo, pelican, jekyll, etc.

A nice video from Brodie Robertson, about how to clean your home directory with XDG base directory:

The funny thing is, in the usual Linux and FLOSS fashion, not everybody agrees about it. Like the OpenSSH devs. They are morons. We only want the options to move the directory to a saner location.

Microsoft will buy Zenimax/Bethesda, which means Fallout 5 will be day 1 Linux support, since

Microsoft ❤️ Linux, amiright?!


Sadly TV here doesn't broadcast it, and the streams I found are pretty bad, but until Packers going like an express train I am very happy! :)

I don't comment about things that I said before. But Solskjaer shouldn't be manager of this team. I usually blame players before coaches (after all, they are the ones who kick the ball), but Solskjaer was always a PR signing, after Mourinho, so the fans didn't attack Woodward or the Glazers directly.

After all we all loved Solskjaer as a player, so we were delighted to see him as the manager...

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If you think that there is no such people as influencers, here is a simple example.

3 days ago I caught dansgaming's stream when he planed his October schedule for playing horror games. Simple going on Steam and look at the category.

I immidiately started to look at free horror games (I am cheap), and started with We Went Back.

However no influencer will tell me to buy in-game stuff for money, when I can buy it just by playing the game.

I managed to squeeze out a few more fps for Alien:Isolation with Proton GE, a custom proton build, that's very easy to use:

Just extract a tarball into a specific directory and you can choose it, inside Steam for the game you'd like to use it with.

I am currently playing on Hard (again) with gamepad and no music on. Our friend almost got me at the first possible opportunity.

I am moving like a robot with gamepad, never used it with first person games, so clunky.

So many times I heard: Steam is good for Linux...

Yet, like 50% of the time I can't even right click on the game in my library, because the UI is crap, closed Chromium-based bullshit.

I take GOG easy installers every time...

Also GOG has more quality games, Steam has so many frakking cheap games that shouldn't be there, not even alpha quality...

State of gaming, hahah

Some people say Fall Guys is shallow and should exist, and they critize the very light microtransactions (you can buy anything with in-game currency, just by playing).

And then there is Marvel's Avengers:

And the game as a service nightmare continues...

Some screenshots from the game, "We Went Back", a free sci-fi horror game on Steam (with Proton).

Worth checking out Protondb for tips how to tweak the game.

We Went Back is a good looking game, too bad my machine produces 1-20 fps slideshow. Thanks to UE4.
Also, frak Media Foundation, whatever it is, dear Microsoft...


if you are using mpv with --shuffle options, you can play random crap in a directory.


Hello! Hello!

Follow me!



There are two GUI programs I use daily on my computer: one is Brave for the web, the other is Emacs. All others are terminal based.

The other GUI (occasional use): Inkscape, Gimp, some LibreOffice, and games, plus Thunar when I am lazy.

“Focused editing” tools for Emacs

I know you vimheads are the majority on fedi, but people might find this useful.

I love how some people just jump on nvidia 30xx bandwagon, while there is a pandemic going on, and jobs are more secure than ever /s.

Or they just rich and just spending money because they have it...

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