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3 am here, shouldn't be up this late, but I couldn't sleep. I think I should take a little social media break, starting today, little by little. Maybe just 1-2 message a day, or a real break. Shit is crazy at home, so while this would be a distraction, social media is not the good kind of distraction...

Anyway, see ya, when things gets better, hopefully...

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New on this instance, and back to mastodon, after about 1,5y on pleroma.

I am a weird techie person, but I love doing other stuff like long walks, hiking, reading, cooking (srsly kitchen is my second favorite home) and watching silly stuff. I am culturally more old school: Queen, Alien, 80-90s music, etc.

I love talking and discussing things, so if do need to talk to some "weird" guy on the internet, I am here. :)

You probably sick of me about tooting dwm right now, but I just made dwmblocks work! Pretty simple once you realize how it works. It basically uses individual scripts to show stuff on the panel. I still need a tray area for programs and shit.

I have to say, dwm is pretty cool! It's like a Lego, except you also make the parts, not just building the thing.

I just made the panel transparent with the alpha patch!

This is coming together slowly...

Have a good night every1

One thing I forgot to mention, but I think I will do it just here, that at first I dismissed dwm, because I really like i3. I still do, but I think dwm is just better, and you can do more, because you select the things you like to see in it, and you just patch it. Of course this is not easy all the time, but youtube has many videos that will help, even though the creators might want to sell you that elitist attitude.

Plus as always, frak Luke Smith! :)))))

For day 25 of I wrote about DWM, a tiling window manager I use for the past few days. Very slick, very interesting. Expect a separate page with what I have learned, soon.

One thing I really like about DWM that your active window title is on your panel, well visible and always there. In i3 you could do it, but here in dwm works much better, and default.

I also patched in a tag switch, that switches previous or next tags, and assign Alt-Tab and Alt-Shift-Tab to do it.

I also installed nitrogen for wallpaper stuff, but I might change that.

Holly frakking gaps!
It was painless to apply this patch:

If you think that gap is bloat, I think if you are working or using computers many hours a day, gaps provide nice visual distinction between windows.

What's more amazing that the default value is pretty good looking, not too small, and not too big either.

Now I want some transparency stuff done, but I have to compile stuff for Slackware 14.2. Should be fun! xd

Command and Conquer Remaster (from EA, but does not require Origin) works from Day1 on Linux via Proton: #linuxgaming #linux #proton #commandandconquer

Man, I wish I hadn't wasted my money on Hitman and XCOM, instead I should have waited and bought C&C remastered. They did a pretty good job with it, just looking at the gameplay, and videos too. And it's surprising that it's on Steam and you can play it without Origin account? And it has achievements and multiplayer! If I didn't know any better, I'd say EA is doing good with this one.

I accidently discovered how to resize windows in dwm, you move with between them with alt+j/k, and you resize the columns with alt+h/l. Haha, this is so easy!

Isn't it ironic that reddit speaks against racism but makes the next board chair available with skin color as the most important criteria?

I'm sick of racism. I'm sick of skin color being even considered when applying for job, or in education, health systems, police response... It's the attention to skin color that's the problem. You won't solve that by mandating the next board member to be black. It's part of the same problem.

actually here's a fucking bullet list of why touchscreens on laptops is a terrible idea and you should just use a tablet where a tablet is ought to be used:

- the desktop user interface was not designed for touch, and apps that use touch UI principles feel outlandish and limited to the power-user paradigm of desktop applications.

- laptops have other human interfacing devices which do better interacting with those dense ui elements. Time, money, and R&D spent shoving touch in the machine can be used to improve those (no other perfect example to this than apple's laptops with the trackpad, and lenovo's precise trackpoint)

- touch is mainly used for things that feel natural to touch, like book reading, note taking, media consumption, which tablets happen to be perfect for. A tablet is more suited for large screen touch interface, and it's not as awkward physically, or software wise.

- the convertibles/2-in-1s that try to be tablets are bulky as fuck and way more awkward than a tablet would be.

- to get them in a tablet territory, sacrifices must be made to ports, and to power (thermals, components, etc).

- to use touch on most laptops that aren't convertible or 2-in-1, you need to reach across the keyboard to the screen. That's a huge fucking waste of time.

- on most laptops the screen would wobble when you touch it like that. BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT HOLDING THE SCREEN. BECAUSE IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE TOUCHED.

- smudges and fingerprints are fine for close viewing like on a tablet, but could be an issue with a laptop's usual viewing distance.

- touch screen laptop displays don't come with a matte finish which means glare and smudges.

- touchscreen laptops are sold for 25-30% more the price for what's essentially a gimmick. non-touch models are slowly coming to be nonexistent so you have to pay that premium, or have an additional sacrifice bundled with the exclusion of a touch screen, lower tier hardware of some sort.

eradicate laptop touch screens

Wake up today to number 9 in the notification, and for a moment I was afraid that people found my racist toots from the past...

But it turned out they are just liked, boosts and a follow.

Phew, I got away this time...


You want to use a simple image viewer on Linux?

Look no further than sxiv!

Honestly I am so happy that I returned to tiling window managers, and the simplicity of terminal stuff.

Hey dear MiB people!

Can you delete this from my memory, please?

Thank you!

Now I will have nightmares.

This account is gold btw, perfect if you feeling sad, lots of stupid people and their instagram mania.

RSS to follow:

Post looting tourism exist! 😂 😆 🤣

A girl standing in front of a looted T-Mobile place, and her boyfriend took the picture...

Such class, amazing bravery. I bet her social media avatar is a black square too...

After using Flatpak, AppImage and Snap, I think they are all garbage. And basically devs now has to choose between deb, rpm - those are native package formats for most distros. We don't even talk about Gentoo, Arch, Slackware, etc.

And now they have to choose another 3 formats.

We wanted to eliminate package format problems, and we just doubled it! Congrats free software world, you just played yourself!

This is how you do it people! 😆 🤣

Btw, this is how the companies are doing it too...

I wish this wasn't real though, but it is.

I could apply a patch to dwm! And now I can have different window configuration per tags. So if tag 1 has tiled, tag 2 can have full monocle.

Pretty cool!

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