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New on this instance, and back to mastodon, after about 1,5y on pleroma.

I am a weird techie person, but I love doing other stuff like long walks, hiking, reading, cooking (srsly kitchen is my second favorite home) and watching silly stuff. I am culturally more old school: Queen, Alien, 80-90s music, etc.

I love talking and discussing things, so if do need to talk to some "weird" guy on the internet, I am here. :)

Now they are literally rioting and looting just down the block from me.. My city is literally burning to the ground right now in riots just a few blocks from where I live.

Remind me again how the rioters are not the bad guys here and calling them out is victim blaming, because people are dying and homes are burning and frankly I cant give that a pass outside my own window.

#GeorgeFloyd #riot #riots #uspol

Trying to make my old i3 config work in Slackware, it's fun, but sometimes I am totally clueless as I haven't used i3 for while.

Watched the launch with some old Italian buddies who are currently spread around the world.

Meet is awesome and works across Chrome, Firefox and Android!

This page is the light in the darkness:

A black family owned sports bar burned down, before opening. More than 20k people donated $600k for rebuilding.

But according to some part of the fediverse, looting and burning buildings is not violence... πŸ€”

This is not protesting, this is vandalism. It's not the solution, this just incite more violence.

Thanks to all my followers who stick with me in my crazy times! Despite that I don't really like a certain part of fediverse, you are awesome people!

One unexpected outcome of distro change. With Slackware my machine is so much more quiet!

Yesterday I discovered Tuir, a terminal client for Reddit and I couldn't be happier - No more frustrating webpage navigation.

Honestly if you are on social media, it's just better to stick with neutral topic. That's why I post about mostly tech stuff, or games, maybe movies.

When I post about politics or veganism (which for I was banned from a vegan instance, my first ban in 25 years), then it attracts the people I can't reason with.

TIL from mastodon:

"Looting and vandalizing is not violence."

So if you burn down buildings, destroying businesses and homes. It's totally fine, right?

Where do we draw the line then? Can I just punch you in the face simple because I just don't like you how you look at me?

Honestly people, if you think that or the is better than Twitter then you are mistaken.

This seems like a great idea, but is really flaws in its implementation, I think.

It quite amazing that Method made a HotS tournament that attracted the biggest former pro players. It's like a mini-HGC!

Here are the teams so far:

Contribute for crowdfunding the tourney:

Watch here from June 2nd:

unpopular opinion about trumps hidden tweet 

I don't think that glorifies violence. You can shoot with a lot of non-lethal options. Now of course you can interpret it both ways, especially knowing Trump.

And we can argue that in the states which the USA is in right now. Sharing looting videos and image on twitter, also glorifies violence and can potentially induce violence.

So how many message will twitter hide, or just block from their platform? :D

About the twitter fact checking thing... Looks like twitter misfired πŸ˜‚

This is just now the biggest shitshow circus in the whole universe, I hope you have popcorns near you... xD

It's a frakking pain in the ass to install the current Lutris on Slackware 14.2....

Looting and setting things on fire is a crime, and not justice.

It's not even a protest.

You are doing more harm this way, not just for the property you destroy, but for the cause you are trying to represent.

In his latest show Ben Shapiro

"Twitter mobs search for new targets in its quest to stamp out racism; Minnesota explodes after an incident of police brutality ending in death; and President Trump vows to curb Twitter."

Very level headed commentary about the current happenings.

Good morning from Europe! I hope you guys didn't dream about Trump and Twitter.

TnT, hahah

Also, is it too early for making Corona jokes?

It looks like Blizzard has cancelled Blizzcon 2020. Thanks Corona!

Seriously, that company couldn't sank any lower, and thanks to some microshits they now said goodbye! Good riddance! This is not my Blizzard, who cancelled Hots esports 12 days before Christmas. Keeping ppl in the dark, except at the top. Nice style!

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