@breakfastgolem A couple dared to defend their house from uninvited BLM "protesters". Nothing happened, they just went outside with their guns, while dozens of people basically broke in (honestly they should close the gate next time, Idk what they were thinking). And they were doxxed too. :(


@parasurv @breakfastgolem i never really watched sargon in the past but the world has become too weird of a place :blobcatsleepless:
@icedquinn @parasurv @breakfastgolem Sargon is one of those YouTubers about whom people who've never seen any of their videos have VERY STRONG opinions, and people who have seen their videos have more mild opinions.

Like they only know him in the context that they've been told to hate him.

Another example of this is Pewdiepie.

It's disheartening to mention Pewdiepie to a response of "oh, that racist YouTuber. Isn't he like a nazi or something?"
@icedquinn @breakfastgolem @parasurv

bonus regarding Boomer Eternal 🀣

He and his wife are democrats. I wonder if they will remain so, that's quite a wake-up call.
@aven @breakfastgolem @parasurv Dems have been leaking like a sieve since Bernie.

Bernie bent the knee to hillary and let his rallies get taken over by BLM speakers. He pretty much politically shot himself in the heart.

Gun stores report being flooded by liberals who suddenly wanted guns at the beginning of the corona panic and were mad at all the red tape they had previously voted in to existence :blobcatlaugh:

and i get a decent amount of quora messages from people saying they were a family of democrats cancelling their registrations because the D party has just gone insane.
@aven @breakfastgolem @parasurv well, re: pewdiepie

i just didn't watch him because i didn't enjoy the content. playing jump scares and faking surprise. everybody with more than like, a hundred thousand subscribers is just hamming it up for the camera. i like to stay with the small channels that you can still talk to and are people not brands.

re: sargon

not a fan of professional atheists. him and thunderfoot used to do a lot of religion bashing and it wasn't content i cared about. he seems to have flexed to more serious issues as of late :blobcatthink:

@icedquinn @breakfastgolem @aven

here is a good video from pewdiepie:

He also doesn't kneel to woke people, even after they tried to cancel him a few times (and he lost a contract with Disney). Journalists doesn't have a sense of humor, so they went after him. He has fuck you money, so doesn't care, and just make fun of them, and laughs at them.

@parasurv @breakfastgolem @aven Yeah. Showing no mercy is sadly the way to go. It's bad that we've come to this.
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