Forgot to update on the innovation price Bolster was nominated for: we didn’t win 😥 But fortunately we did have a lot of interesting talks with possible clients since then, so glass half-full I guess 😄

Super excited about the finals of the innovation price this afternoon. Bolster is one of the contenders to the grand prize 🤞

Walking with dogs can be very mindful. But since we don’t have any, we kidnapped @rdohms’ and went to the sea with her 🥰

| I sometimes find myself walking from one meeting where I’m coaching someone on their career goals, straight into a second meeting where I struggle to string together words to articulate my own.

Will Larson in An Elegant Puzzle Systems of Engineering Management

Last Friday I had some throat ache. Nothing major, but in these times you need to be careful. So, I took a coronatest and just got the result: I’m negative! I can finally go outside again

Currently reading: An Elegant Puzzle: Systems Of Engineering Management by Will Larson 📚


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