In an effort to stop residents fleeing the plummeting temperatures, city council officials convert all roads to roundabouts; effectively turning the city into a real life Wayward Pines: its citizens unable to successfully navigate to the city limits.

And Midland St. is once again about to be submerged at high tide.
A 30cm sea level rise and half of Dunedin will be in a world of trouble.

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Dunedin is full. Spilling over the sides this afternoon.

J (15yo) wanted to play two simultaneous games so bring it on!

Uncharacteristically good performance at indoor cricket tonight. Much happier with the batting, notching up two "boundaries" (back-net scores).

WTF why are we still seeing things like this in 2022?!
"No spaces"?! Unbelievable.

Scientists: "Climate change means some regions of NZ will see unseasonable differences that are out of character from the country's usual norms"


Companies that do this deserve to be yeeted into the sun! 🤬

Made a zesty lemon cheesecake last night. Looks like it settled a bit as it cooled, but now to top it with cream, berries and lemon syrup.

Anyone in Dunedin going to this? I'm keen but tossing between this and another engagement.

This hardly exonerates you, Countdown. It's hard not to see this as anything other than a PR exercise.

Politics - UK 

Brexit just going brilliantly for the UK. These two posts within a minute of each other.

Right. We'll give this a nudge while dinner's cooking, shall we?

Twitter, Abuse 

The birdsite Terms of Service basically now say "You know what? Fuck this. You people sort your own shit out. We just can't be bothered trying anymore. Your mess; your problem."
They've given up and are just pushing responsibility for the worst facets of humanity onto us to manage ourselves. Better to be here on Mastodon.

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