Americans have moved on from omitting letters and are now dropping entire words, starting with prepositions and conjugations.

'“Weather Alive” finds @beth_orton crafting a sprawling soundscape filled with roaming piano, a lush mix of synths, and a steady shuffle of drums' - @RollingStoneUK

Full LP arrives 23rd Sept. @partisanrecords

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Ooo! This looks like a big UI improvement. Wonder how the usability rates.

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New 350gsm wool duvet and rain falling on the tin roof. I don't think I'll ever get out of bed again if this is the bar being set.

@ryancrawcour Happens all the damn time to me.

Kids are like "Hey Dad, was the internet even usable last century" and I'm like "Ha ha ha, children. It wasn't even invented until... oh."

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people keep saying 'it can't happen here' - like white terrorist didn't murder 51 muslims, like anti-vaxxers with nooses didn't occupying Parliament grounds, like we don't have National MPs mimicking the language of the US Right, promising a 'great awakening' & God's vengeance

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"Go google it" is horrible advice in an era where search engines' top results are those who game the algorithm the most, and Google tailors different search results to every user.

So if a clueless person searches about topics like transphobia or racism, they might actually find transphobic or racist results, and in the end your "educate yourself, don't bother me" approach actually made it WORSE.

Is there a better service than for hosting a personal calendar service that allows both private and personal appointments to be retrieved?

Instead of a CV, I reckon we should just submit the comments from our leaving cards from previous workplaces.

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A man has opened fire in locations including a queer bar ahead of the annual Pride parade in Norway's capital Oslo.
Deadly shooting at Norway bar ahead of Pride parade
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it's important to remember that this is war. this is violence. these people are stationed to commit violence to enforce the political will of this nation upon its populace—to ensure you don't fight back against institutional control of your body.

never mistake law for peace.


Just looked at the news. America is truly, irreparably fucked. What a grotesque, corrupt, morally bankrupt dystopia. I feel so sorry for people living there.

Boom! Got it in one. #154 1/6 (100%)

The coffee is decidedly not working.

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