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Reasonably sizeable quake near Ibaraki prefecture a few minutes ago. No tsunami risk but looked like a pretty good rattle.

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[table][tr][td]Magnitude mb 5.3Region NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPANDate time 2022-05-22 03:24:14.2 UTCLocation 36.93 N ; 141.24 EDepth 20 km[/td][/tr][/table]
Earthquake, Magnitude 5.3 - NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 2022 May 22, 03:24:14 UTC

Congratulations Austria for electing Anthony Album Easy to be President. Very exciting times.

How bad has Australia fucked things up?

I have one teenage boy taking his coffee ring cake out of the oven and another tween boy ready to put his chocolate chip cookies in and I haven't had to contribute anything at all. 😍🍪

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Right. We'll give this a nudge while dinner's cooking, shall we?

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It's a kids-snuggled-by-the-fire and chicken casserole sort of night here in Dunedin.

That southerly sure is battering Dunedin. Winter is definitely here.

Ooo! Exciting!
Just been contacted by the DSO about filling in for one of their regular players.

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Politics - US 

I mean, clearly, demonstrably not. But still. Fucking hell.

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Restless legs are restless tonight. Not sure if it's alcohol, stress or a combination.

So injured from indoor cricket last night. Much hurt. Very pain.

Programming is fun because the database tells you it's one number and your code emphatically assures you it's another number and you get to figure out why somebody's lying and oh god please just shoot me.

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