i redid my whole resume in groff and now it’s almost 6 a.m. and I haven’t slept help me

oh boy, 3:30 pm and it’s already dark. sometimes this season can be a real hit to the morale

nice to wake up early to work after two weeks off and turns out I haven’t been assigned any

relentless kitty claws at your door all night long

I have two new followers out or nowhere, so hello

spent half the day yesterday exploring old distros from the late ‘90s. here’s a photo of really old KDE running on Mandrake 5.1 with Netscape on archive.org. we also tried Redhat 5 with fvwm, but it seemed really broken on our hardware

I don't know why but it makes me turn so red in the face with embarrassment when I accidentally favorite a person's toot while perusing the federated timeline


This is something I feel very strongly about. I've spent much of my life hating cars, then realizing they were probably a big mistake. Reading articles like this gives me the impulse to relocate, but it's something that in reality I have to think very hard about

wow, my roommate found an Ergodox EZ at a thrift store completely new for only $22, so I had him buy it for me. I never learned to touch type, so it's really taking some time to get used to

the sun and moon have been red for about three weeks now. it’ll be nice to see the smoke clear up soon

it's flabberghasting that door games can still be purchased for prices like $15 up to and over $150 for Worldgroup servers

because of the fires making the air worse than Beijing I can’t pull in cool air with my window fan, so I’m baking when I otherwise would be fine

if I'm perfectly honest though, it's not like companies can't data mine . I wouldn't know what to do about that, but it doesn't appear to be affecting anything yet

I really love seeing new people on the federation. I feel almost like I missed out on meeting up with people who were new when I was, so seeing this is really fun

I just figured out how to configure Lynx to load media in external programs. makes it really nice for browsing without having to see a whole lot of unwanted bullshit

I’m thinking of joining a

it’s currently a tossup between tilde.town and ctrl-c club

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