@pfhllnts With outside temperatures at about 30 ยฐC, these kids use a railway bridge as base for refreshing jumps into the underlying river, in spite of predominantly freight trains but also our train passing by. In Germany we'd lockdown the track immediately for danger of injury.

Having returned from one of my so far yet most ambitious trips, I want to share a few select photos.

In the southwest of Ukraine, this woman holds a wooden stick to indicate to the train driver that the railroad crossing has been secured. Other countries would use a flag here.

Effective today additional cyber security measures have been put into effect that will add to guaranteeing the security of our cyber operations. All hail the @cyberrolle look alike sign in action.

Ich hab noch ein lustiges Bildchen von einer Installation eines Telekommonteurs. Wobei das hier abgesprochen war, denn wer das dicken 100DA-Kabel NEBEN dem Kasten sieht, ahnt, dass da ein Elektriker seine Arbeit nicht vollendet hatte. Ratet mal, wer's jetzt machen darf...

Nennt mich den Arbeitsschutzgott. Nachdem ich zwei Mal mit dem Kopf dagegen gerannt bin...

"Come listen to me, Iโ€™m a fraud; a story on impostor syndrome" with Joep Piscaer @jpiscaer

Somewhere down there I lost my Unifi cloud key's SD card. And now, for the first time ever, I can actually finally make use of this USB camera ๐Ÿ˜‚

Falls es hier Verrรผckte gibt, die dieses Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro (PS/2) mit integriertem USB-Hub haben wollen, meldet euch schnell, sonst stell ich es in die Bucht ein bzw. entsorge es.

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