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Now the only thing missing is a "Cyber operations Wardroom" sign ;)

Nennt mich den Arbeitsschutzgott. Nachdem ich zwei Mal mit dem Kopf dagegen gerannt bin...

You would assume that electricians tasked to repair twisted pair cabling would bring a cable tester with them

"Come listen to me, I’m a fraud; a story on impostor syndrome" with Joep Piscaer @jpiscaer

New business idea: elevators that show current load, not just maximum allowed load

Paris hotel rooms are by definition small. All of them. But hey, two power plugs on each side of the bed ;)

Mozilla is shutting down their IRC servers and moving to Discord, a proprietary chat service.

Hey Mozilla, aren't we forgetting something here? Our very own "Mozilla Pledge for a Healthy Internet” states:

> Principle 2 The internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible.

> Principle 6 The effectiveness of the internet as a public resource depends upon interoperability (protocols, data formats, content), innovation and decentralized participation worldwide.

TIL there are people creating YouTube "Full HD" videos of their turntable playing a complete Vinyl record

Yours truly will speak at in Antwerp on Saturday, May 4th, 1300 CEST about how he accidentally became an electronics engineer (actually he didn't).

Somewhere down there I lost my Unifi cloud key's SD card. And now, for the first time ever, I can actually finally make use of this USB camera πŸ˜‚

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