Always remember: If you post dick picks on twitter or facebook, filipino slave workers will see them.

Shiftphone oder Fairphone, welches ist besser?

Why We Are Not Living in a Post‑Truth Era
An (Unnecessary) Defense of Reason and a (Necessary) Defense of Universities’ Role in Advancing it

Apprendre le français par les vidéos avec sous-titre français.

Learn by watching french films with french subtitles.

lernen indem man französische Filme mit Untertiteln guckt.

"'s single biggest failure as a president is his handling of and the way his ineffective and lack-luster foreign policy allowed for a communist dictatorship to rise and build a superpower within a block of unfree states that can even rival the United States and has by now even found ways to influence the politics of democratic nations."

Beyond Orwell's Worst Nightmares
How China Uses Artificial Intelligence to Commit Genocide

Since 2017, the Chinese Government has carried out the systematic genocide of millions of innocent ethnic minorities by imprisoning, killing, torturing and subjecting them to chemical experiments, writes Zarina Zabrisky.

The Paradox of Self-Consciousness
A Conversation with Markus Gabriel [11.11.19]

M. Gabriel is touching on a lot of topics here, not just consciousness. The overarching theme of his is "Neo-Realism".
Post-modernism, nihilism and metaphysical naturalism are the enemies.
He doesn't go into much depth here, but into a broad overview.

Before Trump, Cambridge Analytica’s parent built weapons for war
How the parent company of Trump’s campaign firm plied its skills on the battlefield and in elections, while working for the U.S., the U.K., and NATO.

But i also have many other programming project ideas.
For example an app that recognizes the type of a plant from photos using neural networks.
Imagine going on a walk through a park or forest, making a picture from a plant with your phone and the app tells you what plant it is.

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I already have an idea for a little programming project:
Basically i want to program an Android version of this game, using the gyroscope and rotation sensors of the smartphone, so that when you tilt your smartphone you tilt the board and the marble rolls

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