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PSA: If you want to report any user or post please DM this account.

Pixelfed doesn't support federated reports yet and we would prefer to work with remote admins and users to resolve any issues before resorting to block our instance!

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We are moving to Canada!

It will take a few weeks to transition to our new dedicated server, we do not expect any service disruptions.

The service is unavailable while we perform emergency maintenance.

We are updating to the latest release, its taking longer than expected but we should be up soon!

We will be performing maintenance on the site in 15 minutes!

We will be delaying maintenance for one more day to fix bugs and ensure a smooth roll out!

Hello folks!

We're going to be taking the service down tomorrow to deploy some fresh updates!

We anticipate minimal downtime (no longer than a few minutes). We will post a warning 1 hour and 15 minutes before.

We do not block any instances, if we do they will appear in the nodeinfo API.

We are working with other projects to take ActivityPub to the next level with new features like Ephemeral Stories and Live Streaming.

It will be a great year! #activityPub

:pixelfed: Circles will enable users to have more control over the content they share! I can't wait to ship this feature! #pixelfed #circles

We are hearing reports of problems logging in and creating new posts. If you have any issues, please reach out and we will do our best to fix the problems!

Discover + Dark Mode.

We built a more personalized discover experience without any algorithms or anti-privacy methods. Also dark mode. #pixeldev #pixelfed
Pixelfed Discover with curated …

We just want to let our users know that we will never sell or transfer to another entity. That is a promise!

Registrations are now closed for at least 1 month to encourage growth of other instances!

You can find a list of instances here:

We will be closing registrations on February 1st for at least one month.

This will make it easy to enforce the 10k user account limit!

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Fast, secure and up-to-date instance, welcoming everyone around the world. Join us! 🌍
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Why should you sign up on

This instance is not focused on any theme or subject, feel free to talk about whatever you want. Although the main language is english, we accept every single language and country.

We're connected to the whole OStatus/ActivityPub fediverse and we do not block any foreign instance nor user.

We do have rules, but the goal is to have responsible users. So far we haven't had any issue with moderation

The instance uses a powerful server to ensure speed and stability, and it has good uptime. We follow state-of-the-art security practices.

Also, we have over 300 custom emojis to unleash your meming potential!

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