10k users.

That is the limit we have decided on. After we reach that limit, registration will be permanently closed.


@pixelfed @dansup When I'll establish my own Pixelfed instance, will I be able to delete my Pixelfed.social account, to free one up?

@pixelfed I think this is a good idea, as it collaterally promotes federation by forcing users to use multiple instances

@pixelfed Love you Dansup. I had some doubt when you came up with paid account and analytics, but now they're gone.

Really we have good people making software here ❤

@marsxyz Those were just ideas, feedback from the community has helped shape the project!

@pixelfed have you ever thought of making pixelfed in to a pwa?

@pixelfed file under "things you never expect to hear from a social network"! Life is different here in the fediverse.

@pixelfed So, PixelFed : Instagram :: Mastodon : Twitter ...is that kind of correct?

@piraino @pixelfed That’s the impression I get, but tagging myself into the conversation because I’m curious about the answer.

@pixelfed This is a really good idea for the network decentralization, thank you!

@pixelfed Is registration closed ? I keep getting the message "Whoops, looks like something went wrong."

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