New user registrations will be closed for 1 month. This is meant to encourage growth of other instances!

For a list of other instances, please see:

@pixelfed I completely understand doing this, however I feel like the various federated services still could go a lot father with helping people to find the new instance that suits them best. Still a lot of learning to do here, but I'd bet we can improve on having just a list of random instance addresses with a couple of statistics. Maybe you have something that looks at your profile tags and finds the instance with a high number of posts with those... Or find where your contacts are...

@pixelfed it might be an idea to include this clarification on the 'register' page ( as well, rather than displaying a '403 – Forbidden' on it instead.

@pixelfed in addition to that, you might want to fill your /site/terms page, as there currently are no Terms of Use specified.

Finally, although this one is more a @pixelfed (the software) issue:
Currently your Privacy policy mentions "If this server is in the EU or the EEA:", however, according to the #GDPR also applies when the server is located outside of the EU/EEA.
So, if the #pixelfed *user* is in the EU/EEA, they need to be 16 or older.

Then again, #IANAL

@pixelfed unfortunately the empty Terms page seems to be an issue for other instances too, so I guess that's also something that @pixelfed as a software might want to address. (For instance, prevent instances from launching in production with an empty Terms section?)

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