We will be deploying federation support later today, the service may be unavailable during this time.

@pixelfed Deploying on Christmas Eve? Bold move! 😁

@tobi @pixelfed Our present! And damn, it *is* bold! I hope it goes well!

@pixelfed What a delightful gift to close out 2018!

PixelFed (" #soon ")

@pixelfed This is soo much starting to sound like Duke Nukem forever. Best of luck with the deploy anyways :-)

@pixelfed how well is the code working on the flagship instance?
@pixelfed Deploying on Xmas Eve? Look at the balls on this man

@ajdunevent @pixelfed Just prepping the last commits, its only 9pm here 👍

@dansup @pixelfed There was supposed to be a 😝 at the end of that toot so you'd know I was just playfully giving you a hard time... but I guess I left it off and posted too quickly (I am distracted with pie making, lol). I'm not stressing about it and neither should you! Don't stay up too late!

@dansup I look forward to bugging you after the holidays for help setting up my own personal instance. :)

I can search for some users (like @dansup ) already, though following just results in 'request sent' but I can't search for myself (@michel-slm) yet. Hope it's just a temporary glitch

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