You can now export partial account data like following/follower and mute/block lists!

We're working on full data export that contains a preview website for offline viewing.

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@dansup why show something as coming soon vs just not showing it at all? I understand this in the realm of like conventional dev at a company with analytics - it's a soft way to determine if a feature's wanted but here it just seems to hint at something that doesn't have any indicator of its potential completion

@jalcine Marketing is just as important for open source projects as it is for Fortune 500. 😉

@dansup That's true but could a blog / newsfeed / changelog serve for that function?

@jalcine Yeah, a year ago I had no followers and only 4 toots since I joined in Nov 2016. Pixelfed has embraced a different style than most projects, and it has paid off!


World domination is so over-rated. Been there, done that. Didn't like it.

@macgirvin @jalcine It was a joke, I only talk about pixelfed on the mastodon network.

@dansup No worries and no disrespect intended. You do a great job on pixelfed. I just see brands and brand recognition and the associated brand marketing as an artificial construct of the corporate enemy which we all face.

When I ran a music store and somebody asked to play the best guitar, I always made them close their eyes, then I handed them guitars to try. If they couldn't see the brand name, they ended up always choosing the best sounding guitar for their personality. Once brand names get involved, they *always* chose by brand or "look", not by what matters - which is how it sounds. Customers are easily deceived and they end up becoming a customer to a brand instead of what they originally set out to do - which was to best express their own sound and inner voice.

Software is no different.
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