We do not mute or block any other instances at the moment.

There hasn't been any issues with other instances and we are happy with that. If we do perform an instance moderation action we will announce it here.

@pixelfed Thanks for remaining transparent. I'd recommend not blocking instances unless absolutely necessary, because instance blocks are REALLY annoying to users.

@DashEquals Yes, we are focused on empowering users with privacy, safety and security tools so they do not have to rely on admins or mods (though they are still really important).

RE: blocking. I like the web browser comparison. It's just really screwed up to have a website blocked by Firefox or Chrome for political reasons.

(I don't use either, but if they do, there's still a sense of severe ramifications.)

@pixelfed If you talk about instance blocking, does it means that federation support is now implemented ?

@pixelfed I’m having trouble uploading/posting to (both new and classic interface)

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