We shipped a Simple Mode for Timelines experiment a few weeks ago.

What do you think of it?

Notifications have been improved! We added an audio and visual indication for new notifications.

Let us know what you think!

You can now easily unfollow accounts on your profile and timelines!

We have updated the Data Export page and added statuses export!

Media Export and Full Backup will take a few more days. You will be able to import mute/blocks and following exports into other pixelfed instances in v0.10!

You can now easily access the Data Export Settings page, we hope to release full data export soon!


Did you know you can export your following/follower data?

We're working on more export tools including a full data backup that you can browse offline!


Invite up to 25 people. They can join even if registration is closed!

Coming Soon!

Hello Curated Discover! We only have one category but plan on adding a few more!


You can now export partial account data like following/follower and mute/block lists!

We're working on full data export that contains a preview website for offline viewing.


This will make it easy to enforce the 10k user account limit!

You might notice a new storage section in your account settings.

We will be increasing the limit after we migrate to object storage.

Some of you may notice your usage decrease in the next few weeks as we implement new storage optimizations. If you have reached your limit, please DM us and we can increase it.

The experimental compose UI is live! Let us know what you think, keep in mind its still a WIP.



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