@nchprgmng We do not plan on re-opening registrations, you can find another instance on the-federation.info/pixelfed

⚠️⚠️ PSA 🚨 🚨

We've updated our Terms of Use and added a Community Guidelines page.

We will not tolerate any activity that violates those Guidelines.


@hatebunny Pixelfed does not support remote following or a network timeline yet.

We're getting close though :blobcatcamera:

@Jelv The following limit was added 19 days ago, we are considering raising the per hour limit and adding a reasonable daily limit.

@tuneintodetuned Yes something did go wrong, we have fixed it and thank you for helping diagnose this bug.

@1iceloops123 It will be increased to 100 MB after we move to cloud storage.

@[email protected]

- Hover to play is a WIP

- Clicking will play or pause the video

- We do not plan on adding a progress indicator, maybe a loading one

- We are not tracking loop views, this may change in the future.

Thanks for the feedback!

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We have took the service offline to fix a regression in photo albums that prevented media from displaying properly.

Should be back soon!

We are aware of an issue affecting the Notification page where it takes several seconds to load.

A fix will be deployed soon!

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The Loops Beta has been released!

We will be shipping more updates during this week.


#pixelfed #Loops

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@[email protected] Yes, we are focused on empowering users with privacy, safety and security tools so they do not have to rely on admins or mods (though they are still really important).

We do not mute or block any other instances at the moment.

There hasn't been any issues with other instances and we are happy with that. If we do perform an instance moderation action we will announce it here.

@Stem It is LGBTQ Pride Month, we did this last June too!

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