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Google translate is necessary evil I'm afraid

Tifas boobs will have their revenge on the nerds

If you see someone misgender a trans person intentionally, even on fedi, and you don't correct it regardless of if it affects you personally....

Id like your spine since you aren't using it

Why I Stopped Saving to Buy a House and Moved Into an Abandoned RadioShack:

the experience of calling ur gf at 2am and meowing at eachother

guilty for wanting to live my own life, guilty for not being able to fix anything

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> backed by the full faith and violence of the United States

They are fighting a deadly war to protect Earth's most precious habitats -- but they can't do it alone. Here's how we can stand with the earth defenders:

It doesnt take long to search,
its like, 100 corporations and govt causing overwhelming majority of the pollution on the planet.

So if we wanna save the planet, we might need to find ways to shut these places down, or mandate they find a new way to run their buisness instead of trying to make us accept more taxes, fake food, or any other "solution" from them.

Remember that killing a nazi is a community service :akko_fistup:
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