Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts are the most annoying and pretentious community I've ever encountered

"Don't ever get cherry mx blacks they're so scratchy its like nails on a chalkboard they literally trigger cluster headaches"

I don't think the problem is the keyboard

Imagine getting so annoyed by the sound your keyboard makes you take the whole thing apart and put lube on every key

@plastiq That's why I have a mechanical keyboard that doesn't sound like rain on a tin roof. 😁

@plastiq I can't remember. It's a Corsair model. Not the best, but it gets the job done.

@[email protected]
If you type and then hate the sound your keyboard makes it really fucking sucks because most people type a lot.

Where do you spend most of your time? On a computer, right?
Doesn't it make sense to make the area you spend most of your time in as comfortable as possible?


I agree to an extent, but I think a lot of people are just fixating and obsessing about something most people hardly notice.

I'm talking about r/mechanicalkeyboards subreddit, people have very strong opinions about a very slight difference in sound and feel

@[email protected]
"Most people" spend maybe an hour at their computers a day.

I don't disagree that the community is shit. Most communities are shit. It's reddit, of course the community is shit.

I, personally, have brown switches and they're decent enough.

Nowadays some physical stores actually carry mechanical keyboards so you can test them out before you buy. When I was buying I kind of had to take my switch type on faith since there was no way to test irl.

@neo I think a lot of people are convinced that they NEED a mechanical keyboard from the reddit consensus and then pay 200$ for one online without realizing it and suddenly realise how loud they are.

@[email protected]
I'm hard on standard keyboards. I've been through many since I was a kid.
I bought my current mechanical keyboard (my first, actually) in 2015 or 2016, and it still works just as well as when I bought it, minus one of the flipstands on the back that I broke accidentally.

@tulpa lol right? Like people who will insist you can only properly record on a 2000$ microphone and the only good format is flac

Considering how must people consume media thru shitty phone or laptop speakers i don't think it really matters.

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