Thinking about how much better it would have been if Rodney King's jury acted like the one today.

Slaxx mini-review. This is a 2020 Canadian horror comedy with 97% positive on the tomato meter. It's the tale of a pair of jeans that comes to life to kill.

My opinion is it sucks.

There's blood, but not horror, and jokes but not laughs. The origin story of the killer jeans (one of my main curiosities going in) makes Chucky seem intellectual. Only one of the characters is remotely sympathetic, and she's clearly naive and a push-over so not very relatable.

Fun game

Is this bit of C / C++ computer generated or bad for real.

I just saw a demo of how Webex can help keep offices covid safe. It counts faces in camera view to measure capacity. The demo included holding up a photo and a conference tv with a remote participant. Both were counted....

That's not a useful measure of people in a room then, is it? A wall of photos becomes a denial of entry situation.

Half an hour on line so far for a vaccination today (Moderna). Appointment was for 10:50, they recommended 15 minutes early arrival. 11:24 and still twentyish people ahead of me.

If there's one scent I associate with sadness, it would be burned house smell. And I've been getting whiffs of that recently. (I know where the fire was, but it carries on the wind and surprises me.)

March 12th 2020: first day of "temporary" WFH.

Current company policy is "not back before June 2021".

Fucked-up movie week here.

Watched _I'm Thinking of Ending Things_ last night. Dark, and not great for my current mental stress levels. There's a real story there, and careful watchers will be rewarded with figuring it all out. But not much cheer to be found.

Today _The Killing of a Sacred Deer_. Visually very striking, but the near constant camera movement (all smooth, no shakey cam here) and deliberately stilted dialog take some effort to enjoy. Then there's the dark revenge of the title...

Oops. is giving "503 service unavailable" now. The www version still works.

I recently found out one of the people most influential on my early computer learning, including giving me my first assembly language instruction on an Apple IIe, killed himself in 2015. He jumped in front of a train.

I've got mixed feelings.

Yes, he taught me so much, including attitudes towards how to do things. But in hindsight, I can see he was totally "grooming" a younger kid I knew. There's possibly a connection there with why he never achieved much success with his skills.

Thinking about the funereal joss paper money. Since high denominations are so common, making change must be impossible. Unless value gets inverted and smaller denominations are worth more, due to rarity.

Mini-review of Children of Men: this is a late entry (2006) into 1970s style escape-from-collapsed-society fare. In some ways I was reminded of The Ultimate Warrior (1975, crops have failed leading to downfall) and Escape from New York (prison city society). Here downfall comes from total human infertility, set in 2027. The budget is big enough to make it look real, and the writing isn't lazy. Good entry in the genre.

A typical message on Twitter is 280 characters or less. Even at four octets per character, that's 1120 bytes or less. Yet the emails are about 22Kb.

A typical message on Mastodon is 500 characters or less, 2000 bytes max at four octets each. Yet the emails are about 26Kb.

Real head scratcher, that.

“We wish a ticket to ride where the railroad tracks run off into the sky and never come back—send us far as the railroad rails go and then forty ways farther yet,” was the reply of Gimme the Ax.

“So far? So early? So soon?” asked the ticket agent wiping more sleep out his eyes. “Then I will give you a new ticket. It blew in. It is a long slick yellow leather slab ticket with a blue spanch across it.”

(Thinking of the Rootabaga Stories by Sandburg today.)

Eleven months into mandatory WFH, took a required sensitivity course today. It was full of people in offices and face to face meetings. There was nothing about Zoom or Slack interactions and how people can harass or be insensitive in those.

Mini-review of The Dead Don't Die: eh. Ther were hints in this it could be like Hot Fuzz: unlikely movie knowledge says the day against improbable enemy. But, nah, it's just movie references by characters. The dead pan was too forced, and the fourth wall breaking didn't help. Three explicit movie callouts out of seven.

And now my mother is the first person I know with two doses of covid vaccine. This is good because her health has been terrible, and surprising because she's so bad at visiting doctors.

The trouble with this _Pogonophobic_ tee shirt, is my long beard hides the text.

Special Breakfast Day! Today is the once a month day I trick the dogs into liking their monthly meds. Basically it means crush / chop the meds, mix with kibble and some delicious human food, including (a must) mayonnaise. Today leftover pad thai, broccoli, shredded cheese, kibble, mayo, anti-heartworm and anti-flea. The mayo makes the meds stick to the other food, and the dogs eagerly eat.

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