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This and many other legacy design concepts look so poor. Sad for the project that has so big community and skilled developers.

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Critical moment for the Press Freedom. Breaking point to totalitarianism. Thank you Jimmy Dore for doing job of journalists because it's extremely had to find them this days.

Srećko Horvat, co-foundwr of @DiEM25 :
“The electorate is not only manipulated and influenced by social media, we’re also approaching dystopian times in which democracy itself can be ‘preprogrammed’”


I find lately that DiEM25 has more edge and better articulate challenges of today than any other political org.

“If we don’t build alternative and decentralized modes of communication we are doomed to fail”
"The only answer can come from changing it from within, we have to reprogram the Algorithm."


We have updated our privacy policy

@turris_cz is close to finishing the MOX fundraiser - 3 more days to get to the stretch goal with  Get in line for the  based MOX: Cloud or assemble your own modular router with 4x USB 3! 


Robert De Niro Issues Total Trump Ban From All Nobu Restaurants https://quitter.im/url/1094456

Did you know you can have offline, high quality bike routing on your phone with #OsmAnd and #BRouter (f-droid.org/packages/btools.ro)?

Let's not normalize torture and shutting down free press. Julian was always voice of voiceless, now he is denied voice by those who once recognized urgency of giving him asylum. UN HumanRights (OHCHR): UK arbitrarily detains him (7yr) now!

Want to search without being spied upon? Get results without paying with your data and life? Want to escape the "filter bubble" and say #FuckOffGoogle?

Use search.fuckoffgoogle.net

(powered by Searx <3)

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No wars without lies. No peace without truth. Free Press, Free Julian Assange