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Kapetan Pustolov @predrage@mstdn.io

Peace is possible and warmongerers are more obvious than ever. United Korea in hope to achieve peace and avoid nuclear war. ☮️

One of the many reasons I've left twitter is because I caught them editing people's tweets in a very sneaky way (showing one version to one audience, and another version to a different audience).

That place should be considered this generation's CNN. Want nothing to do with it.

HiFive Unleashed is the ultimate RISC-V developer board. Featuring the world’s first and only Linux-capable, multi-core, RISC-V processor – the Freedom U540 – the HiFive Unleashed ushers in a brand new era for RISC-V.

sifive.com/products/hifive-unl mstdn.io/media/vvyD_SqK95CfhGp

The Difference Between Free/Libre and Open Source

“Free/Libre = Open Source + Ethics
Open Source = Free/Libre - Ethics”

—Christophe Lafon-Roudier, @Framasoft

@jz @aral
Something strange I found on Decent. 2x JZ and this (screenshots). What's your experience with it for now?

mstdn.io/media/ZUjm96GZ0C_RHHN mstdn.io/media/lN0HRLXxucZZPZ7

So Decent is pretty fucking amazing!

Check it out on: gwenbell.com

(An in-browser social network based on Scuttlebot and Minbase with seamless on-boarding. Seriously easier to get started with than a centralised social network like Facebook. Very, very impressed!)

PS. I’m @aral on there.

#decent #securescuttlebutt #ssb

If MLK Sneezed
The night before his assassination, MLK delivered his most suspenseful, surprising, and inspiring speech — and it’s not “I Have a Dream”. In “If I Had Sneezed” MLK tells the mostly forgotten story of his near death experience — an attempt on his life, several years earlier.

by Matt Orfalea videographer, storyteller



I see that Hubzulla needs better UI/ UX same as Mastodon

If you’re a developer and you don’t know #infosec, it’s time you learned.

Programming without #infosec is like drinking and driving, it’s hugely irresponsible.