Over 210 European tech companies have signed our open letter to the European Parliament to reject #article13 and #article11. Our businesses depend on copyright and we compete with Google & other US tech companies - this law hurts our businesses!

“[A] global architecture of behavior modification threatens human nature in the twenty-firs century.”

"In our time, surveillance capitalism claims private human experience for the market dynamic as a free source of raw material that is translated into behavioral data. "

Shoshana Zuboff, professor at Harvard Business School

Paying so high price for doing journalism is not OK. Save refugee journalist.

Do you have some recommendation for hosting?
-one or two sites
-Mastodon (small club)

What happens when you block all of Google's IP addresses from your life? Many fascinating things break, because Google is an octopus.


Tragedy and Hope
William Binney interviewed by Richard Grove

It can be surprisingly complex to navigate properly licensing the free software you develop. Our Licensing & Compliance FAQ has just been revised, and our intern created a short list of the MOST frequently asked questions for you to peruse: https://u.fsf.org/2r3

Glenn Greenwald said onTw:
"A very mainstream writer, @page88 - now at @wired, @Slate & @latimesopinion - explicitly suggests Bernie 2016 was a Kremlin operation & ponders if he was "wittingly" helping Putin. This is Alex-Jones-level conspiracy derangement but these are the conspiracies the mainstream likes"

I saw it many times, but great to be able to see it on PeerTube (ethical tech alternative to Youtube)

"M-of-N social key recovery in the @htcexodus "blockchain phone"

I've been a proponent of such things for a long time; really happy to see it implemented and look forward to seeing this feature get used more and hopefully see wider adoption in the crypto community."

via: twitter.com/VitalikButerin/sta

The state of WikiLeaks, with Sydney University's @FlickRubicon, doing her Phd on whistleblowing https://soundcloud.com/knackersandthevadge/episode-18-flick-ruby

Can you please make me phone with "HiFive Unleashed" ?
Just :gnu: it!

via twitter.com/atterres/status/10

Google moved 20 *billions* Euros to Bermuda in 2017.

#TaxEvasion #FuckOffGoogle

"La presse néerlandaise a révélé le 2 janvier que Google avait transféré 19,9 milliards d'euros vers le paradis fiscal des Bermudes en 2017" marianne.net/economie/grace-la … via @MarianneleMag

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