This is how far people go in blin hate.
UN Human Rights court defined it as arbitrary detention. His gilt is his editorial/journalist decision to publish true information.
How cruel are humans 😰😭

@predrage While one of the reasons I left DiEM25 was that Julian was held with godlike/cult-like reverence and criticism was entirely disallowed – 2018.ar.al/notes/farewell-not- – and while I do not agree with his anti-feminism or his cosying up to the far right, I will boost this because he also doesn’t deserve extradition to the US for the work the people at Wikileaks did in the past. If he’s extradited, it sets yet another terrible precedent for every journalist and whistleblower.

@aral @predrage Yes I agree. His situation is a strange one and needs to be resolved in some manner. afaik he's still in the embassy and the only charges against him are for skipping bail.

I disagree. For all we know he assaulted a woman and ran away.


@holger but that is not what he will be tried for if he's extradited to the US @aral @predrage

It seems there was no ungoing prosecution which would be necessary for an extradition request if I understand until 2017 [1] so he could have just faced the legal process and take part in the legal process with regards to the assault.
He seems to use a (untrue) narrative that accusations of sexual assault would be fabricated often. Kind of disgusting - 1/2

@holger AFAIK it wasn't possible to know that there were no charges before 2017 because of a quirk of USA law - Secret Indictment by Grand Jury.

I agree he should have faced sexual assault charges in Sweden.

I also agree that the narrative(s) of Ms A and Ms W as agents of the USA or as revenge hungry women show a significant charachter deficit on his part.

Not enough for me to want to deliver him into the hands of the USA as an enemy of the state tho.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@aral @predrage

No international warrant.

Puidgemont not being extradited from Germany to Spain kind of shows how extradictions are not at all that easy.

@aral @predrage

@holger well, I have the feeling we are about to find out . I think I'll stay with my healthy distrust in the USA and its attitude to international law, especially as it applies to those who are regarded as enemies of the state (rendition, Guantanamo, drone killings)

I withdraw from the discussion and wish you a nice.start to the new year @aral @predrage

@aral @predrage

I'm gonna be honest here, Julian Assange took over WikiLeaks and reshaped it into the anti-America hate brigade that it's been for the past decade. He absolutely deserves to be extradited, and the idea that it sets a bad precedent is absurd.

Remember that he's known to have ties to the Russian government, and that he's used those ties (and been used by them) specifically to harm the US. Journalistic freedoms shouldn't stretch to cover operatives of foreign governments.

@Aerdan @predrage Let me take a wild guess: you’re a US citizen?

Unlike some Americans, those of us in the rest of the word do not see America as the world’s policeman and we have a very low opinion of your current government (as well as previous ones going back all the way to the Native American genocide). Then again, we don’t have very high opinions of our own governments or historic barbarity but you do tend to find a tad more self-reflection in these parts.

@Aerdan @predrage PS. This is anti-American. It’s anti-white colonialist. I have endless love and solidarity for the native people of America as well as for those brought there as slaves (or for any other group or individual suffering under the current state, for that matter).

@aral @predrage

I think you're labouring under the impression that I'm in any way supportive of the shit my government's been up to. I'm not.

But there's kind of an issue when an organisation devotes itself near-exclusively to targeting a single country. A whistleblowing organisation should not focus on a single government's misbehaviour; criminal activity happens the world over. A whistleblowing organisation should not leak information which harms ordinary people or other whistleblowers.

Julian Assange was responsible for Snowden having to sit in a Russian airport for a year, for example. Snowden had intended to chill in southeast Asia, but he was forced to run again due to WikiLeaks' announcing he was in southeast Asia.


That’s a load of conjecture and speculation. He may have those ties, he may not. He may be a willing tool of Vladimir Vladimirovich, he may not. But, even if he has, it still doesn’t mean that the US can just appropriate him for their ends because they feel like it.

That’s nothing at all to do with the fact that he’s a fugitive from both the Swedish and UK authorities, should surrender himself to the latter and should be transferred (not extradited, because its a European Arrest Warrant matter) to the former.

He should also be prosecuted by the UK authorities for the crimes he has committed in skipping bail.

// @aral @predrage

@dgold @aral @predrage

Sweden's already abandoned their case against him.

That doesn't change the fact that he's violated US law egregiously and repeatedly, though. And, again, not with the people's interests in mind. He has never shown an ounce of concern for the consequences his actions might have on ordinary citizens, unlike e.g. Snowden, either. So, no. Extradition is entirely appropriate.


That’s not accurate.

Sweden has closed their investigation, due to his being in the Ecuadorean embassy. Should he arrive in Sweden before 31/12/2020 they will reopen their investigation They have not withdrawn (nor can they) the EAW, which has already been ruled on by the UK Courts. There’s no evidence that I’m aware of that he has “violated US law egregiously and repeatedly”. Doing something the USA gov’t doesn’t like is not necessarily illegal, particularly for a non-US citizen acting outside the US The USA would need to establish a case against him, in open court, for extradition. This would involve the full opening of the matters to the court, and would almost certainly require certain guarantees to be made to the extraditing state

@aral @predrage

@aral @predrage

Except he isn’t being arbitrarily detained, the conclusion of the UNWG is completely incorrect. He has made himself a fugitive from two legal jurisdictions - UK & SE - a status he can conclude by just walking out the door.

Once he leaves, he can then be prosecuted by the U.K. authorities for his crimes in that country, following any term of imprisonment, then he can be sent to Sweden for further prosecution. Or those countries can swap their priorities by agreement.

If the initial mantra of WikiLeaks holds any truth - exposing those who ignore the law - that’s what he should do.

@dgold @aral @predrage the idea that Assange is afraid of extradition to the USA doesn't make sense when you hear he left Sweden for the UK, which is much more pally with USA

No thank you, he got enough of the benefit of the doubt as it is. Also it doesn't help that that this petition peddles conspiration theory about the "deep state" in the very first paragraph.

This guy has repeatedly been a dick, been attributed way better intentions that he ever demonstrated, is a proven anti-semite to boot and made no mystery he was backing Trump last US presidential election.

He'll never get my respect for actual whistleblowers like Manning or Snowden.
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