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@predrage How freakin’ cool is that? Did you have it made?

❤ 🎈

@aral yes, I love & make stickers. Some that don't exist, I make :)

@predrage @aral
You print em yourself or do you have them made ? Do you sell some of them? If love to have a couple of those ethical design ones

@predrage @webmind Ties well into what I just watched:



First half is about his vision for immediate response development, where output and code are tied together and you can manipulate both interactively. This is amazing in and of itself.

Second half is about *why* he does it. It's a calling, and he brings up rms, Kay, Engelbart, suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton and modeless UI champion Larry Tesler as people who found a calling because they felt something morally wrong was done to people.