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"I have faith in my fellow man, and I only hope that he has faith in me."

i am sorry for the things i said during winter

Added two Angelfish to the 29 gallon a couple days ago and they are doing so well! I love them but I still have yet to name them. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them!

Finding pet friendly apartments is tough.

Don't stop loving people. Loving people is good.

It's hard, but it's good. Love people.

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Marv’s adorable face is enough to make anyone fall in love, but add his mushy personality to the mix and you’ll be smitten for life! Described by one volunteer as “seriously just the biggest love bug!” this wonderful guy is waiting to meet you at our Old City adoption center ❤️

Shout out to all the librarians. Oh shit sorry.

Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) trees, native to Southeast Asia, look like something from a fairytale. Their beautiful trunks are a result of how their bark grows.

As the trees grow, they shed flakes of bark, revealing bright green, young bark underneath. Slowly, this fresh bark ages and fades though a variety of colours – blue, purple, pink, orange, and finally a dark maroon colour. This final dark coloured bark falls away, repeating the cycle.

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I keep buying really nice notebooks to write in yet, I continue to type my essays, fiction etc into my desktop.

My new sim Aiden is starting to upload videos of himself badly playing blues on his guitar and I love him

"I have faith in my fellow man, and I only hope that he has faith in me."

I want an infinite procedural VR experience where you walk in a Yosemite National Park like world with Firewatch's art style. The audio design would be super good and life like.

Switched over to and fully encrypted my hard drive. Constantly replacing services with services like @protonmail. I really am making huge strides to ensuring my own and digital freedom!

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