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Oh well, what is instance/users/nick.atom? And what instance/users/nick.rss? Why the first includes boosts but second doesn't? Any tip how to make any of them work well in Atom/RSS reader?

Eh, 's feeds are weird. Why boost of a post, in the feed, redirects to the profile of the original author instead of the source toot. There's no link anywhere and so very hard to find permalink of the source. Obvious and logical behavior would be simply linking to the source toot.

There are no Atom/RSS feeds on user profiles on . :aaa:

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When you publish a post on a social network, then copy-paste it on Mastodon and you see a red negative number like: -863… Do you give up posting on Mastodon too? Or do you split the message into 3 parts.

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As a sovereign being, I must be able to safely manipulate my physical and virtual environments to my heart's content.

#SelfRepair #FOSS #OpenHardware

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Teo Zirinis a illustré des #monstres célèbres associés avec les problèmes existentiels qu’ils rencontrent, toute la série est sur son site (

#chtuhlu #comic #illustration

I wish social networks were more like feed readers, so I'm sure I'm not missing new posts.

"Myśliwy kocha zwierzęta tak jak pedofil kocha dzieci" – Anonim
"A hunter loves animals in the same way a pedophile loves children" – Anonymous

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Novel, new, silly, & unusual activities can help lift your mood.

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So, I had one machine with Fedora 24 (previously upgraded from 23 via system-upgrade DNF plugin).

I've just finished upgrading it to Fedora 28 (24 > 25 > 26 > 27 > 28) and it was flawless. Nice job!

Signal is a centralized, WhatsApp-like app from people who promise they are not like Facebook. DuckDuckGo is a centralized search engine from people who promise they are not like Google. It seems weird to me that saying "I'm not evil" is 100% sufficient for some people to trust someone. Oh wait, wasn't Google using a similar slogan…

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