I got my first phone when I was around 10 and first PC around 12. I guess that may play a crucial role. Nowadays kids already use internet when their personality just starts to form, so they may feel completely different about that.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm addicted to PC or internet because I'm using them a few hours daily but I wasn't using them for last 3 days due to lack of time and I didn't feel the need to use them at all. Sometimes I'm not using them for a week or so due to lack of time too and I don't feel any need to use them either. I think I'm fine. Nowadays internet is an important part of life of most people I know but without it we're doing fine too.

"Tylko nie mów nikomu": youtube.com/watch?v=BrUvQ3W3nV

A documentary about pedophilia in Polish Catholic Church, in Polish but there are really good English subtitles, if anyone is interested. Shocking how they all protect each other. Probably most bishops in Polish Catholic Church were helping priests-pedophiles avoid punishment.

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I found awesome music on Mastodon, created by @vagnes. I recommend starting with a single from their (Acting Quiet) latest album (Kaizen) – Last of Us: actingquiet.bandcamp.com/track and then Waste My Life Away: actingquiet.bandcamp.com/track (especially, if you're not a fan of calmness of Last of Us). ❤️

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This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.

I just joined , never felt like doing that, didn't see any reason but I decided to give it a shot. Someone asked about drinking alcohol in public in Poland and time restrictions to sell it, I answered that in theory there are restrictions but in practice usually nobody cares and that you can buy as much alcohol as you want on any gas station if everything else seems closed. I said exactly how it is and three people downvoted my answer. Downvoted for informative answer, truth. Meh.

Honestly, that status=primary doesn't seem to change anything, how does it work?

Can I see list of people who follow me BUT I don't follow them? relationships?relationship=followed_by&status=primary doesn't seem to return just that but also people I follow.

People say is old and mature and… it's younger than me. 😐

Is there an easy way of making UI take more than only 50% of my screen on left? Are extensions still the only way?

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@theguardian This isn't just "I fear" in there; "ja bać" is a word play with "jebać", which means "to fuck", and which ends up meaning "fuck fascism" altogether.

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Esperanto and Ido community is full of homophobic bigots. I feel like I should stop learning and supporting those languages, because their communities are just evil.

Pozornie ładne, intelektualne, motywujące, ale jak się chwilę zastanowić to powstaje pytanie: "Co Ty za banialuki opowiadasz, Coelho". Jest też możliwość, że jestem za głupi na tę książkę.

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