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32 wpm touch-typing vs 65 wpm hunt-typing. 馃 But it's just 3rd day trying to touch-type.

I want to create single-page blog. I don't want to create site for every post. How do I deal with ? If I see correctly in an Atom feed every entry is supposed to refer to different URL, right? But the only URL in my case is /blog/. Can I refer to anchors, like: /blog/#1? What's the best way to solve that?

In accordance with the law road markings reflect vertical signs. If they don't then vertical signs take precedence. In such a case I should somehow teleport from the bike path on right to the bike crossing on the left and on the end of the crossing teleport back to the bike path. Even more, the bike path is made of stone while the sidewalk is made of asphalt. Congratulations, Dzier偶oni贸w.

I love sharing. Knowledge sharing, culture sharing. I love open source and free software. I hate political bullshit. And all Codes of Conduct I saw simply encapsulate sharing into political bullshit bubble. I can't enjoy sharing when I have to think all the time if someone will feel offended by anything I do. And some people get offended by literally anything. I bet many CoC fans will get offended by this post too.

Ew, has . 馃檨 Not going to install it for sure.

They let me download backup of my data! And there are some .json files, one of them indicating that the account was created literally a few minutes earlier. And everything else is empty, setting, photos, comments, profile info. They literally blocked my account just after registration for an unknown reason, before I even logged in for first time.

I tried to register on Instagram. When I was trying to log in I was getting info that the account doesn't exist. When I was trying to register again I was getting info that the account exists. Finally I got info that my account was blocked for violating terms of service. But鈥 I was never using Instagram. And I was trying to create an account like 5 minutes earlier, never used any account for anything. Weird.

Why are open source social media so shit when one wants to share photos?

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