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Using to plan bike rides is a bad idea. Every time I want to use a planner to make a route it wants me to go through roads that simply don't exist. Every time I open editor to check who added that ghost-road I see that someone added to their edit a comment like: "auto import from…" or "half-auto import from…". Additionally, recently someone changed the names of hills in my area to some ridiculous names nobody uses or knows. Obviously, using an "(half-)auto import" too.

pskosinski @pskosinski

Why can't we just forbid polluting the map like that. I understand people do that in good faith, to make the map more detailed but when you look closely, it's a mess.

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@pskosinski yeah, it's sort of a balancing act. I think there should be some rule of thumb about mass imports like "X number of people have added X objects here in the last X period of time and this road was not one of them. Are you sure you want to add it?"

Or "a road was here several years ago and was deleted. Are you using an outdated dataset?"

@pskosinski "you wanna check the latest satellite image to make sure this actually exists, maybe?"