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pskosinski @pskosinski

Compared to Mastodon, diaspora or Libertree, using Facebook is a nightmare. It's user-experience nightmare, usability nightmare, bloat-nightmare… yet people keep using it. I do't get it. I'm kind of forced to use Facebook because that't the only way I'm able to keep in touch with some people. "Better the devil you know that an unknown angel", I guess. And people don't even care to try.

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@pskosinski that's part of the reason why I deleted my Facebook account. I must say, though, that I miss some of my friends who refuse to switch to Mastodon and other open platforms. I guess someone has to lead by example.

@michal I was off-Facebook for many years. I was encouraging others to join diaspora. One person did and quit diaspora quickly. The only result of me quitting Facebook was losing many friends, who don't live anywhere near. Now, after creating an account again, I may talk with them again. Also, most my friends are IT people. If they are not willing to user open source alternatives, I can't be surprised others aren't too. Seems like the only but crucial advantage of using Facebook is its