Software is buggy and barely usable. is not usable at all. Fedora is getting worse usability and more bugs every year. In Wayland, input sources hang on load. When the PC starts to work bad and you want to check what's wrong and fix it usually you need root privileges. In situation like that, on Wayland-based desktop, it's impossible to type in password for sudo. Say you type "password" but the CPU burns. Wayland makes you type diverging like "pppppppppasswoooooooooooord"...

... because input froze due to high load. That's insane. Something like that shouldn't go out of alpha stage but Red Hat puts that into stable system release. I literally had situation like that. My system was getting busy due to a bug and I wasn't able to do anything, because I couldn't type in my password.


GNOME Software: I'm not able to update system using that took. I go to "Updates" tab. There are 12 updates visible. The only button there is "Download". I click it. The app gets refreshed and nothing happens. Over and over again. I'm not able to do anything in that app, yet it's default app for software installation in Fedora.

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