How do you people block ads nowadays in ? I used to use for last few years, now I wonder if there's something new, fancy, other than simple or Origin? What do you recommend, how do you get rid of ads? Not entirely, because I like to disable ad-blocking on sites I care about.

@pskosinski I just use uBlock Origin and add some lists. uMatrix is good and all but it can be a bit annoying to add whitelists manually.

@yuki_is_bored I used to use it long time ago and I think I will go for it again. is awesome but requires some maintenance. Nowadays I try to use tools which require as little effort from me as possible. Switched from Gentoo to Fedora/Manjaro, dwm to GNOME Shell/Xfce, etc.

So, people still use uBlock, interesting.

That's pretty much it. My personal combo is:

With an extra layer of blocking courtesy of #Blokada on my smartphone

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