@fribbledom I received 14 years of almost completely useless education and all I need at work I learned myself, in my free time, trying hard to get any free time at all while I had to deal with all the school bullshit. I was never doing homeworks and so always had bad grades but on tests I was always scoring high. 馃槑

@fribbledom Same here. I was always interested in computer science and I had much more history classes than computer classes. What's even worse, we were learning very biased, if not sometimes even fake, history. Total waste of time. And I feel similar with most other subjects. Yes, one has to have a general foundation, to try every field, to be able to test what one wants to do in life but it's for primary school, 6 years max. And then teenagers should get directed somewhere. But they don't.

@pfm What's wrong? I'm not going to read books every minute of my free time. I hate monotony.

Stream idzie 艣rednio 0,25 MB/s. Dla testu 艣ci膮gn膮艂em gr臋 z GOG-a i posz艂a w 6 MB/s. 24-razy szybciej.

@m4sk1n A sk膮d on ma mie膰 p艂ynn膮 transmisj臋 jak ja nie mam. 馃 Z tego co widz臋 to na Twiterze i FB mn贸stwo os贸b narzeka, 偶e w og贸le nie mo偶e strony za艂adowa膰, wi臋c niekt贸rzy maj膮 jeszcze gorzej ni偶 ja.

Livestream KSW 51 to jaka艣 kpina. U偶ywa ledwo 1/32 przepustowo艣ci mojego po艂膮czenia i co chwil臋 si臋 wiesza, w 540p. Powa偶nie? Za takie co艣 40 z艂 zap艂aci艂em? Nigdy wi臋cej. Niez艂a kasa jak za dost臋p do streamu, a jako艣膰 i艣cie g贸wniana. Nie przez moje po艂膮czenie tylko g贸wniane serwery KSW.

Now I'm surprised. There are some illegally-looking MMA fights and they advertise鈥 Private Internet Access. Both verbally, before fights, and visually, there are PIA banners around the cage: youtube.com/watch?v=v7C3B8usXi

@emanuel Oh, that looks exactly like something I was looking for, I can even set how big price cut has to be to get notified, awesome, thank you. :)

@etam Thanks! Wishlist on GOL doesn't seem to work sadly, I know this site and I had no idea there's a feature like that, that's nice, maybe someday it will work better.

Do you know any website for tracking video game sales on Steam/GOG/Humble Store? All in one place?

@pfm Nigdy o niej nie s艂ysza艂em, Doctorowa czyta艂em tylko dot膮d "Kontekst". Dodam "Walkaway" do listy to-read, ale nie wiem czy j膮 przeczytam, mam ju偶 tak d艂ug膮 t臋 list臋, 偶e mam przed sob膮 ze 30 lat czytania.

Od 1 listopada podatek VAT na ksi膮偶ki elektroniczne zosta艂 obni偶ony z 23% do 5% (i wynosi tyle co VAT dla ksi膮偶ek tradycyjnych). Czy ceny e-book贸w posz艂y w d贸艂? Nie, znajduj膮 si臋 na dok艂adnie takich samych poziomach jak przed obni偶k膮, ca艂y zysk z obni偶enia podatku przez pa艅stwo idzie do kieszeni wydawc贸w i dystrybutor贸w, a nie czytelnik贸w. E-booki kosztowa艂y niemal zawsze tyle co ksi膮偶ki papierowe i wydawcy t艂umaczyli to w艂a艣nie wysokim podatkiem VAT. VAT zmala艂 i co? Nic.

"Rozbudowa" artyku艂u w polskiej Wikipedii / Article "expansion" in Polish Wikipedia:

@bjoern Also, kind of: all Garmin devices. Yes, they have closed source software but they allow user to connect them to PC and send workout files to PC, like from any other USB storage. There's no need to connect to Garmin servers at all, unless one wants to download a software update.

@tromino Thank you, that's interesting. I'm using Manjaro and as far as I remember they are using arch's build of Firefox. Not entirely sure though. And even that I have dark theme set in Firefox and dark theme and mode set in GNOME Tweaks, the site you link to has white background, it's light, not dark.

@tromino Does it work on every site or just some few, like ElementaryOS blog? I have 70 too and I can't see that behavior.

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