@etam I think I will just generate it myself with my fingers in Atom. ;) I used to use nanoc long time ago, it was awesome, but my blog will change so rarely that I think it will be easier and faster to do everything by hand.

@etam Ha, that was probably weirdest mission and I totally expected to get surprised and die quickly.

I was helping a robot called Mal become a human in Borderlands 2. His insights on human nature seem accurate.

I have so awesome ideas when I'm sleepy: I'm going to make a blog. With Atom/RSS feeds. Fuck social media.

I, accidentally, cleaned my music player in a washing machine. Obviously, it didn't end well. It doesn't start. It's impossible to disassemble without breaking the case. I can try waiting a few days, maybe its internals will dry and it will work again. Or maybe won't. Can I try something else?

By the way: Shanling M0 provides awesome audio quality. Its UI is quite nice and it works as DAP. As long as UI is nice, its only button is very fragile and when it breaks using the player is much harder.


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