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Every time they release new , it has broken policy files. That one can expect for sure.

Curl error (28): Timeout was reached for What the fuck is going on, what more may break.

So, yesterday I was complaining my Fedora is unusable after the upgrade, because GNOME Shell is burning my CPU. Luckily, KDE was working well. Guess what, today even KDE doesn't work.

Additionally, my VPS has some issues, seriously.

I upgraded system on my phone, next day on my laptop. Now I have 2 barely usable devices and no single working well device I can use to fix 2 other. If something appears to be working, that's it, it only appears. Test it at least for a week after upgrade.

How am I supposed to connect to a network in ? I didn't find right place in 10 minutes. And I'm a power user, at least. How is a newbie supposed to find it? Why such an essential feature is not available anywhere in foreground? fail.

I'm using for years and I never had so many and so huge issues like with latest 29 release. Every single GTK app makes my CPU burn and I can't locate the issue. The system is completely unusable.

Shell burns my CPU, burns my CPU, doesn't. 15 minutes of using KDE, back to GNOME Shell.

Holidays, the right time for system upgrade. Especially, that upgrading Fedora 28 to 29 resulted in GNOME Shell making my CPU burn so much that the system is barely usable.

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Yay, my Nokia 7 plus is finally getting Android Pie.

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Today's trail pictures.
First proper snow means a chance to get out and hit the reset button 😀

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Eh, 's feeds are weird. Why boost of a post, in the feed, redirects to the profile of the original author instead of the source toot. There's no link anywhere and so very hard to find permalink of the source. Obvious and logical behavior would be simply linking to the source toot.

There are no Atom/RSS feeds on user profiles on . :aaa:

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