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Twitter has users. Mainstream (Silicon Valley) tech and drug dealers are the only two groups to use that term to describe people. And they're both obsessed with manufacturing addiction and exploiting those people. Calling people users is a form of othering.

Let's do better.

Mastodon doesn't have users. Mastodon has people. Call them members if you must. But not users.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google have users. We have people.

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Prentiss Riddle 💤 @pzriddle

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Every endeavor which engages with people has specific words to indicate specific roles. There's nothing dehumanizing about calling people students, clients, passengers, or customers, and there's nothing dehumanizing about having a word for people who are engaged with technology. It's a historical accident and not a conspiracy that "user" was the word landed on to describe people who use both tech and drugs.

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