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Remember when X Files was kind of creepy instead of just quaint?

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Hi, AI tech support?

Yeah, I'm worried about my AI Ethics Board.

It's smoking and the Morality Transducer is burned out. Is that normal?


Yeah the Alignment DIP switch is set to... hmm Chaotic Elon? Is that factory standard? Oh, it is since 2009? For performance. Hmm.

Well I think I'd like it to be Lawful Confucian.

No I don't have a daughterboard. So I can't run any of the Confucian modes?

Zen Enable? Not sure if... well ok (click)

It turned into a bowl of petunias.

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browsers, capitaism, Brave 

The Brave browser is not safer, faster or more just. It's run by a long time homophobe as a cryptocurrency play to directly monetize your attention and have *you* manage the accounting.

You have no ethical browser choices, and you need to accept that under capitalism there is no ethical consumption. There is not one secret product to give you a free pass.

Ignoring this fact to feel better for a day is one of the ways that capitalism remains in power.

Finally! Decent weather. Warm, breezy... Flying an old timey balsa airplane with the little one.

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biggest downside to the Scifi Channel miniseries is that it isn't the adaptation that gave us this promo photo [partial nudity, eye contact]

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sigh.... *crumples up my latest video game concept and hurls it into the trash*

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Seriously "The Kirlian Frequency" on Netflix is one of the better pieces of animation I've seen in awhile. Short, spooky, brilliant; highly recommended.


Latest shipment from Moonlight. Can't wait to dig in...

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Vim plugin that adds a section to your statusline telling you a better way to do the thing you just did, like with fewer key-presses or just overall less time and more efficiency.

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Prickly Questions 

Autism is widely accepted as a spectrum - from those who are severely 'disabled' by it, to those for whom it is only an annoyance. Likewise, we accept gender as a spectrum.

So if it's not okay to tell someone they're 'not actually a boy/girl/etc', how is it acceptable to tell someone they're 'not actually autistic' ?

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Hmm so threw together a short tarpit, a small ssh server that abuses a small detail in the RFC to tie up bots that try and brute Force connect on the standard ports 22, and 2222. Guess I'll see about integrating it with fail2ban. All those damn botters will see if they look is Never Gonna Give You Up slowly being printed. :P
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William Gibson criticized Cyberpunk 2077. Predictably, the subreddit for the game got stupid about it and insulted him.

But this has to be my favorite string of comments from the whole thread:

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Free Software is only one tactic, and left on it's own, as we've seen, it is a defensive one. It does not do more than create a refuge to retreat further into, and become subsumed by the wider society wielding the proprietary technologies and computing silos of the mega corporations. Organize, sabotage, and work for a political alternative to push back using a diversity of tactics. Wouldn't it be cool if we could strangle Amazon by offering a free version of AWS? What if only coops could use it? What if people refused to work for employers who work in surveillance, advertising, and defense?

Free Software cannot design away the problems of the society it exists within. There need to be changes to society to liberate computing for the masses instead of the technologically competent few. Free Society. Free Software.

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Remarkably we try to teach children about online safety and data permanence (e.g. "don't post it unless you're happy to see it on a billboard in five years") and yet one day they will grow up, search their own names and realise that their parents didn't feel this applied to them.

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@angristan Is mstdn.io going to be participating in the blackouts?

Quick plug for halocraftofficial.bandcamp.com

Chanced on the album earlier today. One of the fastest Bandcamp 'buy it now' moments in a long time.

The whole thing is so good, and the end (She Speaks of Stars) is amazing.

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Tried my hand on a little bit of animation to promote my new track "Mechanics". Hope I didn't fail 😂 😂 😂 Full track here: soundcloud.com/dreikelvin/mech

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