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This whole drama is ridiculous. FBI and Infragard are two completely different things, I imagine that if you work in infosec (in the US) you end up dealing with them.
Gentle reminder:
- if the FBI wants to keep tabs on the fediverse, they won't do it from an instance called
- consider everything you post on activitypub as public. No exceptions.
- pointing fingers, making drama and splitting the fediverse is the dumbest shit ever. Seriously.
- don't worry about the people that come out clean about their collaborations. Worry about the people that don't.
Want to defederate from Go ahead. You'll miss a lot of good people. I won't.

Tired: Complaining about the latest breach at XYZ that leaked your personal data.

Wired: Complaining that corporate infosec is just a tool of 'the man' trying to 'keep you down'.

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The majority of defederating calls that I see on here are honestly just here to enforce this weird de facto clique and entrench certain accounts as "the popular kids". A dude being in the FBI (see latest boost cuz dude isn't even really in the FBI apparently) is just yet another thing that accounts want to pivot on to enforce this ACAB/anti-normy/whatever-the-fuck-else attitude that defines a lot of the Mastodon interactions I see
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FBI InfraGard is a CERT-like organization that acts as a liaison between security researchers, vendors and entities which are considered critical infrastructure: banks, utilities, etc. It is a reasonably harmless organization which intends to do well but is controversial for a few reasons.

The main reason it's controversial is due to being incubated by the FBI. The other main reason why it's controversial is because they wrap vulnerability discussions in a series of NDAs. InfraGard-coordinated vulnerabilities do not necessarily see public disclosure.

Personally, I am not really a fan of InfraGard, for both the NDAs and FBI background: friends of mine have been burned by the FBI before when trying to ethically handle vulnerabilities.

But this does not mean that somebody should be faulted for choosing to participate in InfraGard. At worst it just means they believe in something others don't.

You wouldn't defederate someone for drinking chocolate milk out of a wine glass, right? InfraGard membership is, maybe at worst, the infosec equivalent of that type of social faux pas.

When it comes to vulnerability disclosure though, I believe public disclosure is in the public interest. And, well, InfraGard doesn't. And that's the real controversy... they aren't cops or law enforcement of any kind.
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Fediverse, for a group that prides itself on openness and demands that everyone accept others the way they are you are MASSIVELY over reacting because a guy works for the federal government. You think that your *fucking public* posts will somehow be less viewable? or that he is some kind of existential threat as an individual? Don't you WANT people involved in government around so you can influence them too? Because cutting them out doesn't make them go away. You of all people should know that

Satire, Fed-Iverse 

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New drawing, a WoW feral kitty fanart, this character is supposed to be inserted into a signature later, hence the blank bg. Not very happy with the outcome though. #wow #warcraft #feral #druid #cat #mastoart #art #mastodonart #worldofwarcraft

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The most important skill to have as a programmer is the ability to teach yourself new things effectively and efficiently.

You're going to be constantly growing and picking up new technologies. The ability to do that is more important than any individual tool or technology.

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Coinbase just hired three former employees of Hacking Team, surveillance vendor in cooperation with various government and security services/agencies.

Blockchain and Bitcoin exist for the people to escape financial surveillance. But blockchain can also be powerful surveillance tool.
And now it is happening.

Decentralization, freedom and privacy before anything else! And keep your private keys! Stop using exchanges.

Are there any good tutorials out there for building synth patches in FL (or in general terms)?

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Office is a little chilly today... time to update my Gentoo system!

*temperature rises*

Never mind the Dischordians, we're the Jambs.

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if you think the new dune movie will be better than Lynch’s dune I’m sorry but your wrong

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#cyberpunk idea:

Implants made of conductive polymer (or maybe some kind of flexible fiber optic) to allow data cables to reach your skull from say, your hand.

Then you wouldn't even require wireless access if your palms interfaced with your cellphone.

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Today's pixel landscape doodles. Highly recommended, if you've never tried them. It's a fun change of pace.

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