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Quick plug for

Chanced on the album earlier today. One of the fastest Bandcamp 'buy it now' moments in a long time.

The whole thing is so good, and the end (She Speaks of Stars) is amazing.

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Tried my hand on a little bit of animation to promote my new track "Mechanics". Hope I didn't fail 😂 😂 😂 Full track here:

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i thought the whole point of fedi was to reduce social networks to a series of neighborhoods (instances)

why would we want to introduce features which effectively absolve the HOA (admins) of their responsibility to keep the neighborhood up by replacing that responsibility with vigilante justice?

Day Three: Still no coffee, no alcohol, minimal sugar from a little bit of chai latte. No headache, but very tired all day.

I'll take it. Things are getting better.

Day Two. Minimal sugar from a skyr and some granola. No coffee, no alcohol. Nasty headache still.

Don't let anyone tell you that coffee and sugar aren't addictive... I had a more pleasant time quitting smoking after fifteen years.

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Having a look on the web for stuff I read years ago and could use now, and gutted by how many resources have just disappeared over the years, anything from robotics to diy guitar effect pedals to sewing patterns, it's all a forest of dead links, server errors and cybersquatting domain names.

If you really like something or feel it will be useful one day, point to it and save a local copy, better a cluttered hard drive now than irretrievable information later.

Day One. No sugar, coffee, or alcohol. Felt decent most of the day, if irritable. Now I'm getting a nasty headache. Tomorrow has to be better, right?

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#VirtuaVerse cool as...

A #cyberpunk epic point & click adventure musically backed (and story written by) MASTER BOOT RECORD.

and I quote its blurb..

"Travelling around the world, he'll have to walk across hardware graveyards, deal with digital archeology, tribes of cryptoshamans, and virtual reality debauchery."

Everything about it has me lathered up, salivating and expectant.

#game #AdventureGame

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I loudly applaud the rise of projects that make self-hosting apps & services easy! (found out today about this one)
– know about others? share!

Self-hosting is made more accessible day by day, even for non-techies. Decentralize!

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That was their plan. That's why they made videos. Take that victory away from their grasp. #NewZealand

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Mirrors of Beto's CDC writings: -- A Feature on MONEY - Today's Monster -- A Few Good Songs off of Eat Your Paisley -- The Song of the Cow: a poem -- Interview With Neo-Nazi 'Ausderau' -- Visions From The Last Crusade -- The True Story of Cult of the Dead Cow -- Ultra Trendies Day With The Dentist

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Starting to aggressively block ppl with consistently stupid or vague toots. Now employing levels of filtering I had reserved for the birdsite.

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Veto is our homeboy.

I am making a CDC sign and going to rallies.

I will hit the streets for this guy.

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And the radio is playing Justified and Ancient. :blobnervous:

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Taking my time on this one. I coulda gotten it done faster, but I'm really enjoying the process. So why not.

#ttrpg #mcc #mutantcrawlclassics #umerica

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uspol, controversial 

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This bullshit open letter from Zuckerberg is (once again) only a communication strategy.

He puts the emphasis on "privacy = encrypted messaging".
It is, obviously, but it's only the very top of the iceberg. Facebook is still a fucking threat to privacy because of the data mining/farming they do on people's interactions inside and outside of their ecosystem.

#FuckFacebook #FuckYouMark

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Recycling programs are grinding to a halt. Much of what we carefully separate into green bins now ends up in landfills or incinerators.

The Atlantic says, "Americans have had little incentive to consume less." But consumer habits aren't the problem.

We consume what's available to us. Capitalists need to stop pretending that market demand exists in a vacuum, and companies need to start taking responsibility for the shit they manufacture.

#capitalism #waste #recycling

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