Simple steps to be a Mastodon user:
- choose an instance
- sign in
- learn french
- learn japanese

@racuna Given the number of .jp instance users I think the order should be switched. :)

@jonathon LOL, maybe. But japanese is harder to learn than french. IMHO.

@racuna I have yet to see something in french. But maybe that's because I speak the language and Murphy's law.

@racuna dont forget
-set avatar
-set background image
-hack the css of the site so it doesnt scroll horizontally

@racuna そう思うよ(笑)で多分嫌いな英語でリプするなら
- right
- but...
- first learn Japanese
- and learn French
- last learn English

Am I right?

@racuna *Learn how to cry about one another spamming your timeline

@Ronflaix I know *merde* but I don't even know how to order a beer in french

@racuna merde == shit, as well in the "poo" meaning than in the swear one.

@Ronflaix @racuna "Je voudrais une bière s'il-vous-plaît". You're welcome. 😆

@racuna @Lenezir Prost, IIRC, is the german equivalent of saying "cheers" when toasting.

- try to sign up to only to find that it is closed for registrations
- choose another instance
- notify your followers on first instance
- choose yet another instance
- notify your followers on first and second instances
- follow a bunch of random people
- block cat images
- return to initial instance
- submit 4 duplicate issues to github
- follow the same people on the new instances they have move to in the meantime

@racuna Simple steps to be a GNU Social user:
- choose an instance
- sign in
- learn spanish
- learn swedish

@pettter my native language is spanish. I'm currently polishing my rusty english and learning portuguese.

@racuna Nice! Check out if you haven't. It used to be pretty big, and is still one of the most active instances afaik.
@pettter @racuna Simple steps to be a Mastodon user:
- choose an instance
- sign in
- learn french
- learn japanese
- learn spanish
- connect your gnusocial account with the mastodont one.

@tze @racuna @pettter Jajajajaja
Yo tengo suerte de que el idioma más hablado sea el castellano

@pettter @racuna Hvem faen trenger svensk når de forstår norsk like greit

Jævla Svenskfags

@pettter @profoundlynerdy I only see Japanese, French and English toots in the Federated stream. But I'm curious. Is there any people using​ Esperanto in real life?

@racuna @pettter

Yes, a bit. If you search Mastodon for #esperanto you will see results. I've had some brief interactions in Esperanto. My facility with the language isn't quite fluent, but I try.

Also, there are a *ton* of Esperanto speakers on Duolingo


Watch the timeline and
Catch the names of toots in preferred language.

@racuna Maybe then by asking those you found in your chosen language who they would recommend. (look for boosts, too)

@racuna or use that maddafuckin kitchen english we always use elsewhere

@racuna for once it's not "learn english" ! youhou !

@racuna et apprendre l'anglais pour les francophones :grinning:

@racuna Simple steps to be a human:
- be born
- live 
- die
- some people speak Japanese

@racuna I'm learning the wrong languages then. French is on my list, but, like, after Russian and Arabic I think.

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