Luego de hacer muchas IPAs estoy de vuelta haciendo una Porter.

Un episodio corto, sin mucho adorno.

Acepto sugerencias ¿Quieres hablar de algún tema en especial?

Don't allow social Marxists to gaslight you into hating your culture.
Study history.
57QdvOO - Imgur.jpg

Just finished my squats session.

I barely can walk now, but somehow I feel powerful.

Cold shower!!! ❄️🚿

Nice. 💪💓

> Men who can do over 40 push-ups have a 96% lower risk of heart disease

> Instead of long, arduous treadmill tests for heart health, doctors at Harvard University are now recommending push-ups, as doing more than 10 indicates a young man's heart is relatively healthy.

Happy birthday to Leland Melvin - the only person to catch a pass in the @NFL and in space! This #BlackHistoryMonth, learn about the contributions of @Astro_Flow and other pioneers: 

Venezuela's Government Appears To be Trying To Hack Activists With Phishing Pages

Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners ~ William Shakespeare

No Link Between Violent Video Games and Increased Aggression in Teens, Study Finds

Do you have a glass of water nearby? Time for a sip!

I just watched the Fyre festival documentary.

Rich millennials are retarded, and fucked up a lot of poor decent peoples lives (working people of the lower classes).

But check out their beutiful life on social media.

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