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Bees Can Solve Math Problems With Addition and Subtraction

The new Army Physical Fitness Test in the US is a step in the right direction.

> "Unlike the old fitness test, which graded soldiers differently based on age and gender, the new one will be far more physically demanding and will not adjust the passing scores for older or female soldiers."

I wonder if the rest of the countries would be using the same old test now.

It’s true that networking can help you accomplish great things. But this obscures the opposite truth: Accomplishing great things helps you develop a network.

Facebook's new patented technology can predict who else lives in your household based on the images you upload. Perhaps it is time to keep the pictures on your own server?

Internet is Getting More Civil, a Study by Microsoft Says

Convert the heat from global warming to electricity.


Exciting times! Yesterday there was a stunning 24 new apps added to #FDroid! Together with 33 updated existing apps.

#Fennec got a new icon (changed by #Mozilla).

@matrix's #Riot got a visual overhaul including a new icon!

DuckDuckGo Warns that Google Does Not Respect 'Do Not Track' Browser Setting

Delta Chat, yet another secure IM. This time using a email account (on your preferred server)

DeltaChat implements the Autocrypt Level 1 standard and can thus e2e-encrypt messages with other Autocrypt-capable apps.

It's not bad enough that some of the legit photo sharing apps leave your GPS information in when the pictures get posted to the Internet. Now you have non-legit photo apps sending your private pictures to the developers.

I will applaud the genius of the concept, easy to blackmail a lot of people this way. Think before taking those naughty selfies! And tell your damn kids the same thing.

Pleroma mentioned on the no agenda show :suomimainittu:

but you were not quite correct @adam , Pleroma is not a fork and not a reaction to Mastodon :) (see

You are right that it doesn't matter much in the end, as long as everybody is connected on the fediverse, the underlying software isn't that important.

Most people don't seem to care if something is actually entertaining, just as long as you brainwash them and make them think it's entertaining.

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