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Fresh iceberg ruptures in Chile's Patagonia raise alarm

Two new icebergs have broken off the Grey Glacier in Chile's Patagonia in recent weeks, amid fears that such ruptures are becoming more frequent, scientists told Reuters.

Foo Fighters covers "Tom Sawyer" from Rush.

Half of the Youtube comments are hate.

Lesson: Do not touch Rush on social media, even if you are Foo Fighters.

Sex-related differences in brain and behavior are apparent across the life course, but the exact set of processes that guide their emergence in utero remains a topic of vigorous scientific inquiry.

Also keep in mind that this study measured *functional* connectivity, not merely differences in brain anatomy.

Code learned journalism instead of journalists learning to code.

"The other smartphone business:
How Jolla's #SailfishOS ecosystem builders are charting a course to profitability in the shadow of Android"
Great article about #Jolla's b2b licensing strategy by @Techcrunch:

Fukushima's Radiation Is Contained By a Mile-Long Wall of Ice

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