It look like the major (open-source) torrent clients are pretty old projects. Only qBT is still in very active development, the others are on life support

They are somewhat stable and feature complete, so there is that. But there are still many bugs if you go through the issues. Most of them will probably never get fixed

In my experience, Deluge and Transmission don't scale really well with a high number of torrents/active peers.

rTorrent is better, but I'm not that impressed, since there is now queuing system, many active torrents it slows down a lot. I have to stop torrents in order to get proper download speeds. Also the XMLRPC requests can be very slow when rTorrent is under load

I'm trying qBT on a big machine and it seems to handle things much better no slowdown of the API under load, proper down/up speeds even with many torrents, and a queuing system.

I'm currently seeing ~200 torrents at ~1Gbps with ~1k connection, which is impressive


@angristan Have you tried deluge? Their native client supports remote connections and handles my 500 torrents pretty well

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