Too frequently we attribute consciousness when there's none.

Feels good to put some of those 32GB of RAM to use with ZFS 😏

Firefox does support multiple profiles (not containers but fully isolated profiles) even though it's not exposed in the GUI.
New profiles can be created from Profile Manager (-ProfileManager command line flag) or from about:profiles. A new windows can be started with a different profile either using -P <profile> command line option or from about:profiles.

How could I miss the moment when Firefox got a task manager?! 😀 about:performance

"Elections do not resolve differences in values."

It's not enough that everyone can voice their opinion. The important part is to have everyone's opinion heard.

It's not possible to become successful by avoiding failures the same way it's not possible to become rich by cutting expenses.

It's better to be thread safe than sorry.

All the Vim "experts" with 10K lines large .vimrc and , mapped as the leader key 🤦

If snaps [1] are like AUR [2], except available across Linux distributions, having higher quality packages, not having to deal with build issues and update things manually I'm in!


@angristan, learning about data loss I'm glad I've picked 😅

Both Ubuntu[1] and Fedora[2] have pretty cool public crash reporting dashboards.


It's much harder to micromanage remote and geographically distributed teams.

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