Leadership Without Management: Scaling Organisations by Scaling Engineers

And another aiming for the Moon (a keynote rather than an interview):

Two very interesting conversation about career path.
One very practical and honest :

3 seconds and 2 minutes - the difference between rendering a Mandelbrot set in built with and without --release 😳

Just registered for @rustlab_conf in Florence ☺🦀 Anyone else plans on going?

My success story with ended with:
cannot import 'external': I/O error
Destroy and re-create the pool from
a backup source.

Me: "Avoid dynamic languages at all costs!"
Me later: [writes bash]

Too frequently we attribute consciousness when there's none.

Feels good to put some of those 32GB of RAM to use with ZFS 😏

Firefox does support multiple profiles (not containers but fully isolated profiles) even though it's not exposed in the GUI.
New profiles can be created from Profile Manager (-ProfileManager command line flag) or from about:profiles. A new windows can be started with a different profile either using -P <profile> command line option or from about:profiles.

How could I miss the moment when Firefox got a task manager?! 😀 about:performance

"Elections do not resolve differences in values."

It's not enough that everyone can voice their opinion. The important part is to have everyone's opinion heard.

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