Building unreliable systems is fine. Not being aware of the fact is not.

Current status: installing Arch Linux after both of my Ubuntu machines (running different versions) stopped reading ZFS 😔

“Distributed locks aren’t real.” - Kyle Kingsbury

Leadership Without Management: Scaling Organisations by Scaling Engineers

And another aiming for the Moon (a keynote rather than an interview):

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Two very interesting conversation about career path.
One very practical and honest :

3 seconds and 2 minutes - the difference between rendering a Mandelbrot set in built with and without --release 😳

Just registered for @rustlab_conf in Florence ☺🦀 Anyone else plans on going?

My success story with ended with:
cannot import 'external': I/O error
Destroy and re-create the pool from
a backup source.

Me: "Avoid dynamic languages at all costs!"
Me later: [writes bash]

Too frequently we attribute consciousness when there's none.

@uuim that's useful too if you prefer launching windows with different profiles centrally (e.g. from a shortcut) rather than from an existing window. But `-P <profile>` skips one more step if launching from command line and profiles are set up already.

Feels good to put some of those 32GB of RAM to use with ZFS 😏

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